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mountain scenes seem to be taken from Norway, and have led to the supposition that he had traveled in that country. There is, however, no record of such a journey, and the works in question are probably merely adaptations from the landscapes of Van Everdingen, whose manner he copied at one period. Only a single architectural subject from his brush is known—an admirable interior of the New Church, Amsterdam. The prevailing hue of his landscapes is a full rich green, which, however, has darkened

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nationals in the event of a need for retreat. Moreover, British troops also brought down south Dongbianmen's eastern section of the Outer city wall for the construction of the Beijing Dongbianmen-Tongzhou feeder railway. Beijing's fortifications were described by American (United States) Architect E.N.Bacon as "Man's greatest single architectural achievement on the face of the Earth". 《在北京生存的100個理由》尹麗川等著 遼寧教育出版社<

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