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. This is an excellent alternative to Halong Bay for those who have short attention spans, as the boat trip takes a mere hour versus Halong Bay tourist boats which take 5 hours. One minor annoyance involves peddlers on boats hawking their wares, and your boat rower trying to sell you embroidery. A trip can be booked in Hanoi for about USD20. * Laos, long haul buses to Laos leave from Hanoi daily and can be booked at any travel agent. Buses to Vientiane, $US30, 24 hours; Luang Prabang, $US40-$45, 27-30 hours; Vang Vieng, $US37 plus $8 to transfer to a Lao bus at a junction, 27-30 hours. You will be on the same bus as Luang Prabang, but changes buses at a small town in Lao. Going directly to Vang Vieng is a good choice for travellers looking to skip Vientiane, and just go to Luang Prabang and then onto Thailand. Buses to Southern Laos are available as well. All buses are double-bed sleeper buses. Commons:Category:Hanoi WikiPedia:Hanoi Dmoz:Regional Asia Vietnam Provinces Hanoi

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shown to drain him of the essential skills he needed to care for himself, leading Jorgen Von Strangle to send him to wishing rehab in order to teach him, along with two other children by the names of Molly and Dwight, how to rely on his own natural skills when put into every day situations. Timmy generally has good intentions, but has a tendency to be selfish and obstinate at times. He is commonly portrayed as having short attention span, and earns failing grades at school, although this seems

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