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Chetwynd, British Columbia

it was developed into a town. Two types of soil—namely, the Widmark and Centurion Series—comprise the terrace's surface. The Widmark Series—a moderately well-drained degraded loamy, woody, silty, and clay-like soil—lies north of Highway 97. Meanwhile, the Centurion Series—which lies south of the highway—is a poorly drained soil with a dark-brown peaty surface material consisting of decomposed leaves (leaf) and mosses. These soils, also limited by topography and stoniness, are generally used for forage (Foraging) and pasture. , is located adjacent to Chetwynd (Chetwynd, British Columbia), British Columbia, Canada. '''Denny Morrison''' (born September 8, 1985 in Chetwynd, British Columbia) is a Canadian (Canada) speedskater (speed skating) from Fort St. John, British Columbia. His best distance, so far in his career, is the 1500-m, where he held the world record time of 1:42.01 from 14 March 2008 to 6 March 2009. He won 4th places in the Junior World Allround Championships in 2004 and 2005, and a 5th place in his first senior World Allround (World Allround Speed Skating Championships) in 2006. He holds the current 9th place on the allround best-ever Adelskalender (Adelskalender (skating)) (as of January 2008), and is the best Canadian skater on this list. Sixteen articles were featured (Wikipedia:Featured articles) last week: Hurricane Floyd, Frog, Noah's Ark, Red vs Blue, Lothal, Bath School disaster, Manuel I Comnenus, Eric A. Havelock, George Washington Dixon, Starship Troopers, Joan of Arc, Chetwynd, British Columbia, X Window core protocol, Bulbasaur, The Illuminatus! Trilogy and Che Guevara. *We have featured articles on a few other relatively small places - compare this article to Chetwynd, British Columbia and Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory for examples of topics that could also be covered (demographics, geography, transport, economy, culture, recreation, politics). -- ALoan (User:ALoan) (Talk) (User talk:ALoan) 11:16, 16 March 2006 (UTC) - Chetwynd, British Columbia November 15, 2010 Maclean25 (user:Maclean25) - I have a feeling that the article does not indicate the so many negative aspects of the city. For example, the poverty, the slums, the indifferent nature of the common man etc. The sobriquet "dying city" is also not there in the article any more. Can you suggest where to or how to integrate such aspects?--Dwaipayanc (User:Dwaipayanc) 05:33, 31 March 2006 (UTC) :You can craft the most alarming or important negative aspects (slums, suicide, unemployment, etc) into a one-sentence description in the lead while relegating less important negative details to "Demographics". You can have a look at Chetwynd, British Columbia (note how they incorporate crime stats and other negative info). On the other hand, I don't think there's a big problem with "whitewashing" in this article — as long as slum stats, crime, poverty rates, etc are dealt with, you don't need to worry about including every negative epithet used for the city. Other than doing light copy-editing (I've done some) and the advice given by others, I don't have much to add. This is getting close to featured status, and we can have (LOL) three Bengal-related FACs (Bangladesh, Rabindranath Tagore, and Kolkata) up for review at the same time. Saravask (User:Saravask) 08:08, 31 March 2006 (UTC) ::Crime stats have been added, to some extent. Some "negative" statements like the depressive economy in 1970s and 1980s have been added. Unreferenced statement on people living in streets and footpath have also been added. Poverty rates could not be added due to lack of reference. Copyedits are going on. Please help!--Dwaipayanc (User:Dwaipayanc) 16:58, 1 April 2006 (UTC) (Self-nomination) I think this would make a good featured article. It has lots of detail, applicable pictures, is fairly clearly written, comprehensive and relatively stable. JoeBaldwin (User:JoeBaldwin) 00:13, 4 April 2006 (UTC) :'''Object'''. You might want to have a look at the featured article criteria (Wikipedia:What_is_a_featured_article) and check some things. First, there is no reference section at all and FA criteria requires inline citations. I'd also move the graphic at the bottom to a better position. The stub tag is still on the article and shouldn't be. Business, Industry, and Transport seems subsectioned to death -- might want to strike some of those. Also, some of the lists should be turned into prose, particularly the one under bus. It's a very nice start, but I think it has quite a bit to go before being ready for FA. It also needs a peer review (Wikipedia:Peer_review) to help work on the actual writing. Chetwynd, British Columbia may be helpful reading for those working on this article. Thanks! ( 02:33, 4 April 2006 (UTC) :'''Object'''. Needs to go to peer review, be referenced and have citations. Some things that would have been raised in a peer review: History section very short; geography only a single sentence about the river. Need sections on local politics; newsworthy events over the years. Demographics should have ethnic and religious breakdowns and age profiles. What percentage of the people living in the town were born there? Is there a movement to move the airstack elsewhere due to noise complaints? The section at the end of Recreation about youths causing trouble (if this is important to keep) could easily be cited from local newspaper reports or politicians' statements. For reference and ideas on expansion, a trip to the local library (I assume you're from the town) should pay dividends. Amazon listed about 12 books with Chesham; the British Library lists 91. (Not all will be relevant). But have a look at the town and city articles that have been featured (as suggested above, plus Sheffield) to see how it works. I hope this is useful. --BillC (User:BillC) 22:07, 5 April 2006 (UTC) **I suggest that history is expanded. As of now, the history only reaches up to 1600, which IMO isn't very comprehensive (perhaps add recent events?) **The rest of the article is simply a list of buildings. More can certainly be added: culture, demographics, government structure, etc. For an example of a featured town, see Chetwynd, British Columbia (other FA cities can be found in Wikipedia:Featured_articles#Geography_and_places). I suggest that this article follow a similar format to those found in the above category (same goes with Chew Stoke). Thanks, ''AndyZ (User:AndyZ)''  t (User talk:AndyZ) 19:18, 25 April 2006 (UTC)


III. Series , IV. Series, V. Series & VI. Series. – Retrieved on 20 April 2009. Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo (''Atatürk Orman Çiftliği'') is an expansive recreational farming area which houses a zoo, several small agricultural farms, greenhouses, restaurants, a dairy farm (dairy farming) and a brewery. It is a pleasant

I. Series ). * On the reverse of the 10 lira banknote of 1938–1952 (2. Emission Group – Ten Turkish Lira – I. Series). * On the reverse of the 100 lira banknotes of 1983–1989 (7. Emission Group – One Hundred Turkish Lira – I. Series & II. Series). Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. Banknote Museum. – Links

: 2. Emission Group – One Thousand Turkish Lira – I. Series & II. Series. – Retrieved on 20 April 2009. Hatti Monument Built in the 1970s on Sıhhiye Square, this impressive monument symbolizes the Hatti (Hattians) gods and commemorates Anatolia's earliest known civilization. The symbol derived from this monument has been used as the logo of the city for a long time


; the scientists accomplished in building ''Gabinja'' (갑인자, 甲寅字), p. 63 Baek Seokgi. (1987). Woongjin Wi-in Jeon-gi #11 ''Jang Yeong-sil''. Woongjin Publishing. which was made of copper-zinc and lead-tin alloys.series&category &field &search Federation of Busan and Technology It was said to be twice as fast


– 2nd Test publisher ESPNCricinfo accessdate 26-02-2012 Five years earlier, he made his debut as a One Day International umpire in his hometown in match played between Pakistan (Pakistan national cricket team) and Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka national cricket team).

period he briefly served as the deputy to Saleem Malik in the Pak national team. In domestic cricket, he was highly successful, as captain of PIA. In 2005, Nadeem Ghauri officiated in his first Test as umpire (umpire (cricket)), making his debut at Dhaka in a Test between Bangladesh (Bangladeshi cricket team) and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwean cricket team).

Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Redirects/2011-07

series) Target of redirect: I, Q Reason: Search immediately comes up as Star Trek movie, whereas I, Q is also a popular children's book series. Source (if applicable): (Special:Contributions (talk (User talk: 23:25, 19 July 2011 (UTC) *20px (Image:Symbol declined.svg) '''Declined'''. I, Q (book series) → I, Q: The title you suggested already exists on Wikipedia; User:Armbrust


, Erick Sermon, Don Cannon, Cardiak, Jake One, Oddisee and others, were later compiled into a mixtape. 2009 brought an announcement that he would be working on his third album amidst his regrets over hearing Jay-Z had


All-Star Game . He has officiated in four League Championship Series – two in each league (2000 (2000 American League Championship Series), 2001 (2001 National League Championship Series), 2003 (2003 American League Championship Series), 2004 (2004 National League Championship Series)), and in five National League Division Series (1997 (1997 National League Division Series), 1998 (1998 National League Division Series), 2002 National League Division Series 2002

Mexico City

Rodríguez. He had applied to the Academy on 24 January 1847, and was one of the cadets who remained in the castle. His personnel record reads: "Died for his country on 13 September 1847." 2007–2010: Nationwide Series & Sprint Cup Series thumb right Marcos Ambrose during the 2007 Ford 300 (File:Marcos Ambrose at Homestead-Miami.jpg) at Homestead-Miami Speedway. For 2007, Ambrose stepped up to the NASCAR Nationwide Series, driving the #59 Kingsford Ford Fusion fielded


Chicago. The no-hitter is the first for the Red Sox since 1923. Parnell will go 4-4 before a torn muscle in his pitching arm ends his career as the Red Sox' winningest southpaw. * July 25 – Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente becomes the first (and to date only) player to hit a walk-off inside-the-park grand slam in a win over the Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh's (Pittsburgh) old Forbes Field. * World Series – New York Yankees win 4 games to 3 over


run by locomotive-pulled carriages, in order to improve service and headways on the line. This plan has become known as the Indigo Line. Leary is a graduate of Emerson College,

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