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. * ''The Blue Lagoon (The Blue Lagoon (1980 film))'', a 1980 Randal Kleiser film starring Brooke Shields, shows nude swimming scenes – shot in Champagne Bay, Vanuatu. Because Brooke Shields was 15 years old at the time, she was replaced for these nude scenes by her body double, Kathy Troutt. * ''Paradise (Paradise (1982 film))'', a 1982 Canadian film directed by Stuart Gillard, shows actress Phoebe Cates swimming nude. Most of the scenes were shot

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: article.asp?ID %7B6EC02980-CE1C-4A06-AF2B-E180DB003023%7D)&language EN work Prensa Latina accessdate 2008-04-05 Her first appearance in a U.S. (United States) movie would have been in Francis Ford Coppola's ''Apocalypse Now'' 1979, but her scenes — a long sequence where Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) meets French former colonists — were eventually cut from the film and only restored in 2001 in the '' Apocalypse Now Redux Redux

States on selected PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) stations before they were aired in the UK. . Their trademark of words "Sweet'n Low" and musical staff is U.S

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