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satirical drawings

Russian Empire

(Maria Giurgea, Constantin Nottara and Aristizza Romanescu among them). Beginning 1905, the paper had for its illustrator Iosif Iser, one of the major graphic artists of his generation, whose satirical drawings most often targeted Carol I and Russian (Russian Empire) Emperor (List of Russian rulers) Nicholas II (Nicholas II of Russia) (attacked for violently suppressing the 1905 Revolution (Russian Revolution of 1905)). ref>

United States

composed entirely of writers. He is also a former president of the Authors Guild. '''Homer Calvin Davenport''' (March 8, 1867 – May 2, 1912) was a political cartoonist from the United States. He was known for his satirical drawings and support of Progressive Era politics. A native Oregonian, he worked for several West Coast newspapers before being hired by William Randolph Hearst and the ''New York Evening Journal'' (New York Journal American). He also was one

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