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he was cut off from his church at home by the American Civil War, he worked as a coal and rice broker, a cotton buyer, teacher, editor and translator. Because of the poverty in the South he continued these employments and did as much preaching as he could. He also studied the Chinese classics and published a religious weekly, Jiao Hui Xin Bao, a precursor of the later on Wan Guo Gong Bao (see below). Lack of funds from the Board of Missions compelled him to support himself and his


." H.P. Gundy, "Carman, Bliss," ''Canadian Encyclopedia'' (Hurtig: 1988), 365. However, Carman was never a good fit at the semi-religious weekly, and he was summarily dismissed in 1892. "Brief stints would follow with ''Current Literature'', ''Cosmopolitan (Cosmopolitan (magazine))'', ''The Chap-Book'', and '' The Atlantic Monthly

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