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''' is an Israeli (Israel) popular music channel which was launched on July 20, 2003 and broadcasts music videos by Israeli musicians (List of Israeli musical artists). Apart from music videos, the channel has different music-related shows, including interviews with musicians, live performances, music-oriented talk shows and programs which are dedicated to a specific genre of music. '''Moshe Gafni''' ( , born 5 May 1952) is an Israeli politician and Member


, and 1980s. right 150px thumb RDS logo (1989–2001) (Image:RDS Old Logo.svg) '''Réseau des sports''' (commonly abbreviated as '''RDS'''), is a Canadian (Canada) French language Category C (Category C services) specialty channel showing sports and sport-related shows. It is available in 2.5 million homes, and is owned by CTV Specialty Television Inc. (Bell Media 80% and ESPN 20%). Its full name (usually prefaced in speech by the French article (article (grammar)) "le

United States

and satellite (satellite television) television network broadcast to various parts of North America, but primarily the United States. The network, based in Charlotte, North Carolina at University Research Park, currently broadcasts mostly automotive-related programming. Programming includes live Formula One racing, NASCAR-related shows, how-to programming, auto-related movies such as ''The Fast and the Furious (The Fast and the Furious (film series))'', auto

''Barney & Friends''. He has also appeared in several Barney-related shows such as concert tours. Out of all the voice actors for Barney, West's voice is the most well-known in Florida. After his release, Minister of the Interior (Minister of the Interior (France)) Adolphe Thiers sent him on a mission to the United States and Mexico, to observe the state of industrial and financial affairs in the Americas. In Mexico he exchanged ideas with the mineralogist

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