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In 1977, to start her career on the music scene, and after convincing her parents, she went to Madrid, where she made her first recording called: "La guapa" ( The beautiful), and made contact with a lot of record labels until an independent production company gave her an audition as a backing singer, which is how she entered the world of professional music. She was a backing singer for mand artist's recordings, in fact she accompanies Juan Pardo (Juan Pardo (singer)) in his live


of music") opened in the year 2000. The Wienerlied is a unique song genre from Vienna. There are approximately 60,000 – 70,000 Wienerlieder. In 1981 the popular British new romantic group Ultravox paid a tribute to Vienna on an album and an artful music video recording called "Vienna"


. The album was also released on 8 February 2006 in Japan with two extra tracks, a new recording called "Lies" and a cover of Prince (Prince (musician))'s "Raspberry Beret", which was also included as a B-side (A-side and B-side) to "Turn This Thing Around". In total four singles have been released from the album, "Rocket (Rocket (El Presidente))", "100 MPH", "Without You (Without You (El Presidente))" and " Turn

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