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were broadcast to the United States. A wire recorder (Wire recording) was used for this broadcast from the beach at Salerno. On the hair-fine thread of steel wound on that small spool every sound of battle was inscribed, then relayed to Algiers and short-waved (short-wave radio) to the United States on September 17. In such fashion history is chronicled today with complete fidelity even while in the making, and that in itself is history. Serge Abrahamovitch Voronoff was a French surgeon born in Russia who gained fame for his technique of grafting monkey testicle tissue on to the testicles of men while working in France in the 1920s and 1930s. This was one of the first medically accepted Rejuvenation Therapy (before he was proved to be wrong around 1930–1940). The technique brought him a great deal of money, although he was already independently wealthy. As his work fell out of favor, he went from being a highly respected surgeon to a subject of ridicule. By the early 1930s, over 500 men had been treated in France by his rejuvenation technique, and thousands more around the world, such as in a special clinic set up in Algiers. Common, Laura. (April 25, 2000) The Medical Post ''Great balls of fire: from prehistory, men have tried implants and extracts from macho animals to cure impotence, but it was only relatively recently that they began to understand why they did so.'' Noteworthy people who had the surgery included Harold Fowler McCormick Harold McCormick , chairman of the board of International Harvester Company, Grossman, Ron. (March 31, 1985) Chicago Tribune ''Lost lake shore drive: Mourning an era; Mansions of rich and famous yield to giant condos.'' Section: Real estate; Page 1. and the aging premier of Turkey. Jones, David. (December 11, 1986) ''The Times'' ''Christmas Books: Believe it or not - Adam and Eve to bent spoons Review of books on beliefs.'' Around 1490, encouraged by Muhammad al-Maghili, a Maliki scholar from Tlemcen, the Moslem population of Tamentit destroyed the Jewish synagogue and forced the Jews to move elsewhere. commons:(الجزائر (مدينة


. A number of problems have been reported, including RF burns received while transmitting data on some settings, comparatively heavy compared to equivalent Clansman radio sets, unergonomic (Ergonomics) wiring and user interfaces on the manpack radio, short-lived batteries, inadequate "ruggedisation (Rugged computer)" and inflexibility with assigning unique call sign indicators to individuals which are now instead permanently programmed into the radios themselves instead


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