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places that cater to them. On Shanghai Lu near Guangzhou is "Blue Sky", an Aussie-owned bar with a free pool table. Next door to "Blue Sky" is the newly opened "Brewsell's" a Belgian themed pub with great deals on Belgium beers and a food menu to kill(i recommend the chicken pie for when u have a craving for some good quality home cooked food). Moving north from there is the Behind-the-Wall Cafe with reasonable Mexican food and drink. You can find good music just

Soviet Union

speech still audible underneath. In the Soviet Union most foreign movies to be officially released were dubbed. However, with the fall of the regime many popular foreign movies, previously forbidden or at least questionable under communist rule, started to flood in, in the form of low-quality home-copied videos. Being unofficial releases, they were dubbed in a very primitive way, for example, the translator spoke the text directly over the audio of a video being copied, using primitive

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