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Civic Center, San Francisco

threw out cloth scraps and ticker tape, leaving a pile five inches deep on the streets. A "coast-to-coast frenzy of servicemen kissing" occurred, with ''Life'' publishing photographs of such kisses in Washington, Kansas City (Kansas City metropolitan area), Los Angeles, and Miami. The shortest term was that of Charles Boxton, who served only eight days before resigning from office. Two mayors have died in office: Otis died from illness and Moscone was assassinated. Dianne Feinstein is the only woman, Willie Brown (Willie Brown (politician)) is the only African American and Edwin Lee is the only Asian American to have served as mayor.


in the studio of František Krátký in Kolín. Krátký's studio specialized in stereoscopy and publishing photographs as educational tools, "František Krátký: Pictures from Italy, 1897", 8th Exhibition of Šechtl a Voseček Museum of Photography on-line (a biography of František Krátký). Accessed 8 May 2007. allowing Josef Jindřich to further develop his interests in photographic printing. ref

Washington, D.C.

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