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; Ucha'an K'in B'alam (Ruler 3, "Master of Sun Jaguar") (727–741 ) seems not to have been a direct heir to the throne but rather a regent providing strong leadership while the heir was still a child. Twenty years before his rise to the throne he was already a prominent figure in Dos Pilas, responsible for the capture of the lord of Tikal in AD 705 and being closely involved in rituals performed by the previous king. ref name


http: companies article3514230.ece title Metkore Alloys to invest $80 m in Oman plant date 11 June 2012 A free-trade agreement with the United States (Oman–United States Free Trade Agreement) took effect 1 January 2009, eliminating tariff barriers on all consumer and industrial products, and also providing strong protections for foreign businesses investing in Oman. Chemical & Engineering News, 5 January 2009, "U.S.-Oman pact expands Free Trade", p. 18 Tourism (Tourism in Oman), another source of Oman's revenue, is on the rise. A popular event is The Khareef Festival held in Salalah, Dhofar, which is 1,200 km from the capital city of Muscat, during the monsoon season (August) and is similar to Muscat Festival. During this latter event the mountains surrounding Salalah are popular with tourists as a result of the cool weather and lush greenery, rarely found anywhere else in Oman. WikiPedia:Oman Dmoz:Regional Middle East Oman Commons:Category:Oman


them free passage to the Cape as well as farmland. The Huguenots brought important experience in wine production to the Cape, greatly bolstering the industry, as well as providing strong cultural roots. thumb Map of Cape Town in 1750 (Image:1750 Bellin Map of Cape Town, South Africa - Geographicus - Gundriss-bellin-1750.jpg) By 1754, the population of the settlement on the Cape had reached 5,510 Europeans and 6,729 slaves. But by 1780, France and Great Britain went to war against each

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