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Staraya Russa

The Dostoevsky family spent their summers in the healthy country climate of Staraya Russa from 1872 through 1914—well past the writer's death in 1881. His time here saw some of his most prolific work, most importantly his masterpiece ''The Brothers Karamazov''. The large, green, wooden dacha on the riverbank is today a carefully curated shrine to the great nineteenth century writer, having survived the revolutions and wars of the twentieth century unscathed. The first floor hosts exhibits


, as yellow was traditionally a colour reserved only for the Emperor. Cotter, Kids Who Rule, pp.76 Kovačević's prolific work is well known and popular in Serbia. His comedies have been translated into 17 languages, but his work didn't become available in English until the mid-1990s. One of his plays, ''Balkan Spy'' was being rehearsed in Beijing at the time of Tiananmen Square protests (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989), only to be cancelled by the authorities. * ASEM 6

Soviet Union

and 1952, now bears his name. In 1941, he became one of the founding members of the Georgian Academy of Sciences and was elected to its Presidium from 1950 to 1963. For his prolific work, he was awarded numerous Soviet (Soviet Union) and international prizes and titles. Mikaberidze, Alexander (ed., 2007), Chikobava, Arnold. ''Dictionary of Georgian National Biography''. Accessed on July 3, 2007. He authored of a series of Georgian dictionaries and influential works on the structure and history of Caucasian languages. The Helsinki Committees began as Helsinki Watch groups. The first one was founded in the Soviet Union in 1976, the second in 1977 in Czechoslovakia, the third in 1979 in Poland, etc. '''Fedor von Bock''' (3 December 1880 – 4 May 1945) was a German (Germans) Field Marshal who served in the German army (Heer) during the Second World War. As a leader who lectured his soldiers about the honor of dying for the German (Germany) Fatherland, he was nicknamed "''Der Sterber''" (literally, "The Dying One"). "Death on the Approaches", ''TIME'' Magazine, 8 December 1941 Bock served as the commander of Army Group North during the Invasion of Poland in 1939, commander of Army Group B during the Invasion of France (Invasion of France (Nazi Germany)) in 1940, and later as the commander of Army Group Center during the attack on the Soviet Union in 1941; his final command was that of Army Group South in 1942. On 2 February, Bock met with Hitler and questioned whether the Russians could be forced to make peace even if the Red army was brought to battle and defeated, Hitler airily assured Bock that Germany′s resources were more than sufficient and that he was determined to fight. Pincus, Oscar, The war aims and strategies of Adolf Hitler., P.173 In preparation for Operation Barbarossa, on 1 April 1941 Army Group B was re-designated as '''Army Group Center''' in an official order from Army High Command which defined the organization of the invasion force. Turney, ''Disaster at Moscow'', (1971) pg.37 Deployed in Poland, Army Group Center was one of the three army formations which were to lead the invasion of the Soviet Union. It included the 4th and 9th Armies (9th Army (Wehrmacht)), the 3rd (3rd Panzer Army) and 2nd ''Panzer'' Armies (2nd Panzer Army) and ''Luftflotte'' 2 (Luftflotte 2). On the left flank of Bock′s Army Group Center was Army Group North, commanded by Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb; on the right flank was Army Group South, commanded by Gerd von Rundstedt. Career Keyzer's freelance career began in 1982, at which time he also taught at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium. During this time he co-founded the XYZ-Photography Gallery. He has exhibited his work in many European galleries and has received several awards, including the Book Award from the Arles Festival, the W. Eugene Smith Award (1990) and the Kodak Award (1992). Magnum biography accessed 3 Dec. 2010 Major subjects in his worked have included the collapse of Soviet Union and India. Robert Koch gallery describes his work as investigating "marginalized social groups and constructs uncritical psychological portraits which work to familiarize the 'other.'" Robert Koch Gallery, accessed 3 Dec. 2010 He currently lives in Ghent and continues to teach. '''Bronisław Malinowski''' (June 4, 1951, Nowe – September 27, 1981), was a Polish (Poland) athlete, named after the famous anthropologist (Bronisław Malinowski), who is best known for winning a gold medal in the 3000 m steeplechase (Steeplechase (athletics)) race during the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, Soviet Union. A year later, Malinowski was killed in a car accident in Grudziądz, at the age of 30. The vast investment in interplanetary exploration has changed this alternate history deeply, in ways mentioned in passing, including the close alliance of the United States, Great Britain and the Dominions; but there are other changes: In the Suez Crisis, Britain and France receive American support and succeed, and there is no Sino-Soviet split in 1959. The Soviet Union does not collapse, and there are two competing space efforts: the Sino-Soviet alliance and the US-Commonwealth alliance. The European Union is led by France, since the United Kingdom did not join it, but their space effort is considerably behind the others. ''The Sky People'' is set on Venus, while its sequel ''In the Courts of the Crimson Kings'' is set on Mars. Irina Khakamada Khakamada, the daughter of a Japanese Communist (Japan Communist Party) who took Soviet (Soviet Union) citizenship in the 1950s, emerged as Putin's most outspoken critic. A member of the State Duma (Duma) for eight years, she lost her seat in 2003 (Russian legislative election, 2003). She was a member of the Union of Right Forces, but did not run as a party candidate. "I am not afraid of the terrorists in power," she told the daily newspaper ''Kommersant''. "Our children must grow up as free people. Dictatorship will not be accepted." *June 27 - Canadian Citizenship Act 1946 is enacted, defining a Canadian (Canada) citizen and including a reference to being a British subject *July 15 - A royal commission investigates a Soviet (Soviet Union) spy ring (espionage) in Canada. Secret information was found to be leaked and among the Canadians held suspect was the one parliamentary delegate Wikipedia:Post-Soviet states commons:Союз Советских Социалистических Республик

United States

José Lima (w:José Lima), a former baseball (w:baseball) pitcher for Major League Baseball (w:Major League Baseball)'s Houston Astros (w:Houston Astros), Detroit Tigers (w:Detroit Tigers), Los Angeles Dodgers (w:Los Angeles Dodgers), New York Mets (w:New York Mets), and Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals) (all in the United States (w:United States)) died suddenly at his Los Angeles home this morning of a heart attack (w:heart attack). He was 37 years old. His death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and his family.

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