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, a gunsmith, a funeral parlour, and the "Sefton Playhouse", a popular strip club. The station has a simple island platform. '''Chester Hill''' is a railway station on the CityRail network, which serves the suburb of Chester Hill (Chester Hill, New South Wales). The station has an island platform, built with the opening of the line. An overhead footbridge is connected to the platform by stairs. Thus the station does not qualify as having Easy Access for wheelchairs. '''Killara railway station''' is located on the CityRail North Shore Line (North Shore line, Sydney) in the suburb of Killara (Killara, New South Wales). The station opened nine years after the North Shore line opened, with a single platform designed for conversion to an island platform once duplication (double track) arrived. As the station is connected to the adjacent streets on either side via stairs, Easy Access is not available for wheelchairs. '''Lindfield railway station''' is part of the CityRail, Sydney network, located on the North Shore line (North Shore railway line) in the suburb of Lindfield (Lindfield, New South Wales). The station has a separate terminating platform. Transport Busways (Busways (New South Wales)) provides regular services to Blacktown, Castle Hill and Rouse Hill. The closest CityRail stations are located at Quakers Hill (Quakers Hill railway station) and Blacktown (Blacktown railway station). Hillsbus provides services to Parramatta and Sydney CBD from neighbouring Stanhope Gardens. Transport Macarthur railway station is located just north of Ambarvale, providing connection to Campbelltown (Campbelltown, New South Wales) Liverpool (Liverpool, New South Wales) and Sydney CBD via the South Line (South railway line, Sydney)of the CityRail network. Countrylink also services Macarthur providing connections to the Southern Highlands (Southern Highlands, New South Wales), Canberra, Griffith (Griffith, New South Wales) and Melbourne. Bus services are provided by Busways and Interline Buses, leaving from Kellicar Road (under the bridge). The routes are 870-4, 886-89, 890-98 to and from Campbelltown. '''North Warnervale''' is a proposed all stops station on the Newcastle and Central Coast (Newcastle and Central Coast railway line, New South Wales) intercity line of the CityRail network in New South Wales, Australia. It will serve the new town centre of Northern Warnervale (Warnervale, New South Wales) (Woongarrah (Woongarrah, New South Wales)). The plans were put forward to council in March 2006 but no construction has begun as yet. The notable information from the above nominated pages are in the CityRail article, thus all pages are redundant. So '''Delete All''' --Arnzy (User:Arnzy) (Talk (User talk:Arnzy)) 02:00, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as per nom. redundant duplication.Bridesmill (User:Bridesmill) 02:57, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' - With great respect to everyone, I wish Americans and Canadians would keep out of debates like this. I don't think you guys know much about CityRail (if you do I am very sorry), but I wouldn't just jump on US and Canadian votes and randomly vote for their deletion for reasons that I may not know anything about. Anyway, the train types which the Sectors determine are listed on CityRail's webpage and the sectors are not obscure as people have suggested. However, I will agree that the five articles don't warrant their own page each - one page will suffice when the CityRail article is improved and that information doesn't need to be on the front page. I have merged all the information in the articles onto the front page so you are now welcome to delete them. ::That's a '''Delete all''' from me. (JROBBO (User:JROBBO) 13:17, 25 April 2006 (UTC)) Design origins The VLocity is an evolution Rail Technical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch, July 2007 Newsletter, page 6, http: assets 2008 03 rtsa-sa-nl-jul-2007.pdf, accessed 8th February 2011 of the Xplorer (CountryLink Xplorer) Endeavour (CityRail Endeavour railcar) railcars built by ABB Transportation (now Bombardier Transportation) for CountryLink and CityRail, respectively, in New South Wales, themselves being derivatives of Transwa Australind railcars. National Express Group specified the NSW design as part of its bid to operate V Line under the public transport privatisation scheme of the Kennett (Jeff Kennett) government in the late 1990s. The train was originally known as a '''V Locity''' (with the slash character). * GG20B (Railpower GG20B) ''Green Goat'' hybrid shunting locomotive with Railpower Technologies. * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU

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