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in Basra to help his family. Yet, despite his difficult financial troubles, that didn't stop him from seeking knowledge since his youth. He used to gather with a group of other youths at the main mosque of Basra, where they discussed various subjects of sciences. He also attended various lectures given by the most learned men in philology, lexicography, and poetry. Early life Not much is known about Al-Jahiz's early life, but his family was very poor. Born in Basra, he was the grandson of a black slave. WikiPedia:Basra Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Iraq Localities Basra


, Saracens attempted invasions in Asia Minor, carrying off captives on their way back. Cities were usually retaken by the Byzantine army, with the exception of Tarsus (Tarsus (city)) and Adana that remained under occupation until the 10th century; but each year, after the invaders left, the pain and suffering of the inhabitants remained, along with their despair for their beloved ones that were missing. This continuous state of warfare set the stage for acritic poetry. Early career


, as retold in the ''Red Book of Hergest''. *''The Boy's Percy'' (published posthumously in 1882), consisting of old ballads of war, adventure and love based on Bishop Thomas Percy (Thomas Percy (Bishop of Dromore))'s ''Reliques of Ancient English Poetry''. Early life She was born '''Marilyn Rice-Davies''' in Pontyates near Llanelli, Wales, and moved to Shirley (Shirley, West Midlands) in Solihull, England, where her father was a policeman. As a teenager, she appeared

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