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Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

. Maynard League of Williamsport defeats a team from Lock Haven (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania to win the first Little League World Series. Allen Yearick is the first Little League graduate to play professional baseball when he is signed by the Boston Braves (Atlanta Braves). Greater Binghamton Airport is the largest airport in the area and has flights to Detroit (Detroit, Michigan), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia


main Chinese Development Center in Wuxi China since 2008. At the Development Center, Major League Baseball scouts and recruits the best players in all of China to play at the DC in the hopes that they will eventually play professional baseball in America. right thumb 200px Wuxi new stadium (File:Wuxi swimming stadium.jpg) Education Universities and colleges * Jiangnan University (江南大学) * Wuxi Fisheries College,NAU (南京农业大学无锡渔业学院) * Wuxi Professional College of Science and Technology (无锡科技职业技术学院) * Wuxi Institute of Technology (无锡职业技术学院) * Wuxi Institute of Commerce (无锡商业职业技术学院) * Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology (无锡城市职业技术学院) * Wuxi South Ocean College (无锡南洋职业技术学院) * Jiangsu College of Information Technology (江苏信息职业技术学院) * Wuxi Teachers' College (无锡高等师范学校) * Jiangyin Polytechnic College (江阴职业技术学院) * Wuxi Higher Health Vocational Technology School (无锡卫生高等职业技术学校,原无锡卫生学校) High schools * Wuxi No.1 High School (无锡市第一中学) * Wuxi Big Bridge Experimental School (无锡市大桥实验中学) * Wuxi Furen High School (No.2 Senior High School) (无锡市辅仁中学 无锡市第二中学) * Wuxi No.3 Senior High School (无锡市第三高级中学) * Wuxi Shiei High School (无锡市市北高级中学) * Wuxi Qingshan High School (无锡市青山高级中学) * Jiangsu Tianyi High School (江苏省天一中学) * Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School (江苏省锡山高级中学) * Wuxi NO.1 Girls High School (无锡市第一女子中学,原东林中学) * Jiangsu Meicun High School (江苏省梅村高级中学) Notable people *Gu Kaizhi (later half of the fourth century), a painter. *Li Sheng (Li Sheng (poet)) (772–846), poet, who lived and was buried in Wuxi. WikiPedia:Wuxi Commons:Category:Wuxi Dmoz:Regional Asia China Jiangsu Wuxi


is currently coaching at sports academy 'The Harefield Academy' in Middlesex. In early 2010, Nkala returned to Zimbabwe to play professional cricket with the Mid-West Rhinos Franchise, along with Riki Wessels, Darren Stevens (Darren Stevens (cricketer)) and Brendan Taylor and many others. Tino Mawoyo was ruled out from World Cup 2011 because of an abdominal muscle tear. He made his Test cricket debut for Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe national cricket team) against Bangladesh (Bangladesh national cricket team) at Harare on 4 August 2011. On 2 September at Bulawayo, Mawoyo carried his bat (carry the bat) through the innings in the only Test against Pakistan, scoring an unbeaten 163. He was the third Zimbabwean batsman to do so in a Test innings, after Mark Dekker in 1993 and Grant Flower in 1998. All three men achieved the feat in Tests against Pakistan. Wikipedia:Bulawayo Dmoz:Regional Africa Zimbabwe Localities Matabeland North Bulawayo Commons:Category:Bulawayo

Columbus, Georgia

, and played forward with the basketball team. He wanted desperately to win a contract to play professional baseball, but was not drafted in the 1986 amateur draft. DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus (Columbus, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 24, 1978


established Cricket Ground in the country that could qualify to play professional Cricket. There were plans to build a brand new stadium in Indianapolis by the city's mayor Greg Ballard in 2009 but it was not materialized due to lack of sponsors. http: usa content story 428000.html Born in Alto, Indiana, Kern studied law at the University of Michigan. He began to practice law in Kokomo, Indiana, where he served as city attorney (1871–1884). He was elected to the Indiana Senate in 1893, serving for four years, serving at the same time as assistant U.S. Attorney (United States Attorney) for Indiana. From 1897 to 1901 he was city solicitor of Indianapolis, and was the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Governor of Indiana in 1900 and 1904. After these defeats, he returned to his law practice, travelled to Europe, and spent six months at a sanatorium in Asheville, North Carolina, for reasons of health. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

Birmingham, Alabama

He entered the Army on September 1, 1942, and was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 29th Quartermaster Regiment. He was a passenger aboard the Dutch (Netherlands) steamer USAT ''s'Jacob'' (SS s'Jacob) on March 8, 1943, which was near Porlock Harbor (Porlock Bay, Papua New Guinea), New Guinea, when the ship was hit by Japanese bombers. 125px right thumb City plan of Birmingham, Alabama drawn by Warren Manning. (Image:Birmingham District copy.jpg) In 1919, Manning’s talents took him to Birmingham, Alabama, where he worked on a new design for the city. He recommended a radical resource-based plan which included “multiple neighborhood-based centers determined by available resources” (Karson, 2001). He also makes note of the importance of parks throughout the city stating that “the cities that are best designed have about one-eight of their area in parks and about one acre to 75 people” (Manning, 1919). This approach was in direct contrast to the then popular City Beautiful movement which emphasized monumental civic centers and Beaux Arts architecture style public buildings (Karson, 2001). The architectural design of the Chicago Columbian Exposition was based in the City Beautiful movement, but now, on his own, Manning decided on a different course following his own landscape theories which were based on the natural available resources. This idea was the basis for his creation of the “wild garden” which he applied to many of his landscape designs.


June 2006 Redknapp's hand picked squad of 8 semi professional players represented England in an International World Cup 6v6 in Germany 2006. Vigan Qehaja was the only player to go on and play professional football, a Kosovar (Kosovo) who played for Durham City (Durham City A.F.C.). * '''Titova Korenica''', December 5, 1945 - February 7, 1997, Korenica, Croatia * '''Titova Mitrovica''' 1981-1992, Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo, Serbia * '''Titovo Užice''', 1946-1992, Užice, Serbia Almost immediately upon becoming operational on the Sentry in 1991, the squadron was deployed on operations over the Balkans. The squadron, along with its sister 23 Squadron, have operated the Sentry over Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. During and after World War II, some Albanians worked for the return of King Zog; however, they were not successful. Neither Zog nor Vittorio Emanuele III had their Albanian royal titles widely acknowledged by the international community. Zog's son, the late Crown Prince Leka (Leka, Crown Prince of Albania) (1939-2011), was the main pretender to the Albanian Crown. As he himself stated, his title was not ''King of Albania'' but ''King of the Albanians'', which includes the irredentistic (Irredentism) claim to Kosovo and part of Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia). Since Crown Prince Leka's death in late November, 2011, the main pretender to the Albanian Throne is H.R.H. (Royal Highness) The Prince Leka of Albania (Prince Leka of Albania). Prince Leka is the eldest son of the late Crown Prince and is sometimes styled (Style (manner of address)) as ''Crown Prince Leka II''. *Sovereign Military Order of Malta: conducting humanitarian operations is a major part of its own activities (recognized by the ICRC, but not a member or observer of the Federation) Bhutan, Cyprus (Cyprus Red Cross), Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Oman, South Sudan (South Sudan Red Cross) and the Vatican City are the states without recognized national society, along with the states with limited recognition (List of states with limited recognition) - Abkhazia, Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh, Somaliland, South Ossetia, Transnistria and Northern Cyprus (North Cyprus Red Crescent Society). ** Prime Minister - Dragiša Pešić, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro) (2001–2003) ** Kosovo (Self-Governing Entity under UN administration (Kosovo#Self-Governing Entity under UN administration)) ***President - Ibrahim Rugova, President of Kosovo (2002–2006) ** President - Svetozar Marović, President of Serbia and Montenegro (2003–2006) ** Kosovo (Self-Governing Entity under UN administration (Kosovo#Self-Governing Entity under UN administration)) ***President - Ibrahim Rugova, President of Kosovo (2002–2006) In August 2010, Vuk Drašković argued in favour of changing the Serbian Constitution of 2006 (Constitution of Serbia) to remove references to Kosovo as a part of Serbia because according to him “Serbia has no national sovereignty over Kosovo whatsoever. All of Serbia knows that Kosovo is not really a province within Serbia, that it is completely beyond the control of the government and the state of Serbia”. Serbian Ex-Foreign Minister Calls For Expunging Kosovo From Constitution, ''Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, August 7, 2010 ** Prime Minister - Dragiša Pešić, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (Prime Minister of Serbia and Montenegro) (2001–2003) ** Kosovo (Self-Governing Entity under UN administration (Kosovo#Self-Governing Entity under UN administration)) ***President - Ibrahim Rugova, President of Kosovo (2002–2006) '''Koznica''' (Serbian Cyrillic: Козница) is a mountain in western Kosovo, near the town of Novo Brdo. Its highest peak ''Grbeš'' has an altitude of


Acquisition of Fields Although Zellers was prospering, W.T. Grant was facing intense competition in the United States, and was forced to withdraw entirely from its Canadian operations. In 1976, Zellers management and shareholders were presented with an offer from Fields (Fields (department store)), a clothing retailer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, to purchase a 50.1% stake in the company for $32,675,000. Zellers shareholders, unhappy with the idea of Zellers becoming a subsidiary of Fields, reversed the takeover, and purchased Fields and its hardware store division, Marshall Wells. This sale added 70 Fields stores and 162 franchised Marshall Wells stores to the company. Fields President and founder, Joseph Segal, was appointed as President of Zellers.



, Wickenheiser played 23 games, scoring 2 goals and adding 10 assists. Wickenheiser joined a European league to play professional hockey, as the game is more open and less physical than North American leagues. This attempt to play professional hockey was not an entirely smooth process, as Wickenheiser was initially slated to play in Italy, until the Italian Winter Sports Federation ruled that women were ineligible to play in a men's league. She also turned down an offer from Phil Esposito to play for the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL. Finland's Hockey Federation unanimously supported letting women play in a men's league, allowing her to debut with HC Salamat in the Suomi-sarja, the third highest hockey league in Finland, on January 10, 2003.

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