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South Beach

; . Another is the Santa Monica Place Public Parking Structuresthumb Santa Monica Place Public Parking Structures, Santa Monica, California (File:Santa Monica Place Public Parking Structures.jpg)at Frank Gehry's Santa Monica Place Mall in downtown by the architectural firm Brooks + Scarpa. In modern times, Montauk (with the huge Tudor-style hotel he built now a condominium project) remains a small but popular tourist destination. The Miami Beach


to visit during weekends to escape from the hotter climate on the coast. The village of Linggajati, near the town of Cilimus, (where the Linggadjati Agreement was signed) is one such place. Public transportation brings tourists and visitors here. Gallery File:Gate Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon.jpg Gate at Keraton Kasepuhan (Kraton Kasepuhan) File:Building in Keraton Kasepuhan.jpg Building inside Keraton of Kasepuhan (Kraton Kasepuhan) complex

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