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traditional skit or story based stand-up humor (which is common in Japanese comedy (owarai)), choosing instead to focus on physical humor and a loud, boisterous style that resonates with most manzai audiences. They formed in 2001, and received their name from owarai ''kombi'' Masuda Okada's Kisuke Masuda in parody of the famous "Kinoshita Dai Circus". The group's name simply means "Great Yasuda Circus". Korean duty During the Vietnam War, the unit was deployed to Misawa Air Base, Japan on March 16, 1965. At Misawa, it was assigned to the 39th Air Division, whose mission was to support Misawa, Taegu Air Base and Kunsan Air Base in South Korea which all had just been reactivated. Beginning in December 1950 through July 1951, all tactical and most support components deployed to England. Thereafter it deployed to provide air defense in Japan during the Korean War from July–October 1952 and November 1953 – February 1954. The 31st FEW earned an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for making the first massed jet fighter crossing of the Pacific Ocean in July 1952. The wing was again redesignated as the '''31st Strategic Fighter Wing''' on January 20, 1953, as the escort mission within SAC became deemphasized. '''Nagasaki Peace Park''' is a park located in Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Nagasaki), Japan, commemorating the atomic bombing (Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) of the city on August 9, 1945 during World War II. It is next to the Atomic Bomb Museum (Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum) and near the Peace Memorial Hall (Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims). The '''Fender Jaguar Bass''' is an electric bass guitar manufactured in Japan and China by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The wealth of Asia differs widely between, and within, states. This is due to its vast size, meaning a huge range of different cultures, environments, historical ties and government systems. The largest economies in Asia are China (People's Republic of China), Japan and India, the smallest East Timor. zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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