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and port. Many cafes are situated here. See the museum (''Muzeum Morskie''), situated just in the center of Waly which houses some artifacts from history of the city and also has big collections of African and maritime artifacts. * Katedra św. Jakuba (''St. Jacob's Cathedral'') - big Gothic cathedral. * Park Kasprowicza - city park, place for all kinds of physical activities by locals, spreading through nearly all of the city. Just behind the City Council. * Park Żeromskiego - another city park

Evansville, Indiana

are a frequent source of local patronage, and the University of Evansville (UE) and University of Southern Indiana (USI) regularly draw thousands of spectators to NCAA Division I and Division II sporting events, respectively. The UE Purple Aces (Evansville Purple Aces) basketball team plays at the Ford Center (Ford Center (Evansville)). USI plays on campus at the USI Physical Activities Center. Evansville is home to several semi-professional and professional teams as well. The Evansville

St. Louis

While a child, Hadley fell out of a second-story window and consequently was bed-ridden for a year. After the accident, her mother became overly protective, not allowing Hadley to learn how to swim or engage in other physical activities. Hadley's father was less protective, but in 1903 he committed suicide in response to financial difficulties. As a teenager Hadley became painfully shy and reclusive. She


) publisher accessdate 17 December 2010 integrated or general science, pre-vocational (Vocational education) skills and pre-technical (Technical education) skills, religious and moral education, and physical activities such as Ghanaian music and dance, and physical education.


the entire semester, which allows for the integration of the two history courses with literature, writing assignments, philosophy and physical activities. scope "row" style "font-weight: normal;" Media & the Mediterranean (Rome, Tuscany, Florence, The French Riviera, Paris) IDC Media Production & English, Grade 12 (2 credits) The meeting between teacher Remo Molinari and Francis Vane, an old aide of Baden-Powell's and a former Scout


a Swiss (Switzerland) mountain guide, Werner Munter, who popularised its use in mountaineering. '''Tchoukball''' commons:Confoederatio Helvetica


, Niles was named for one of his mother's lab rats. "Are You Being Served? (Are You Being Served? (Frasier))" Also like Frasier, Niles was an unusually sensitive child and a frequent target for bullies. As a result he was quite close to his older brother, and at the same time fiercely competitive with him (sibling rivalry). Like Frasier, Niles preferred fine arts, music, and intellectual pursuits to physical activities like


4 9 1885 5 12 df y death_place Tokyo, Japan occupation Writer Early life Born in Tokyo as the 8th son of Viscount Mushanokōji Sanezane, Saneatsu’s father died when he was age 2, and he was raised largely by his mother. Saneatsu was very frail and sickly as a youth, and unable to compete in physical activities in the Peers’ School (Gakushuin). To compensate, he developed his debating skills (debate), and began to develop an interest in literature. While at the Peers’ School, he became friends with Shiga Naoya. His uncle introduced him to the Bible and the works of Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy). He enrolled in the philosophy department of Tokyo Imperial University, but left without graduating in 1907 to form a literary group with Kinoshita Rigen, Shiga Naoya, Arishima Takeo and Ogimachi Kinzaku called ''Jūkokakai'' (''The Fortnight Club''). This group evolved into the ''Shirakaba'' (''White Birch'') literary coterie, which first published the ''Shirakaba'' literary magazine in 1910. DATE OF BIRTH 12 May 1885 PLACE OF BIRTH Tokyo, Japan DATE OF DEATH 9 April 1976 DATE OF DEATH 9 April 1976 PLACE OF DEATH Tokyo, Japan genre foundation 1886, Hatagomachi, Kanda (Kanda, Tokyo) (Sotokanda, Chūō (Chūō, Tokyo)), Tokyo, Japan as Iseya Tanji Gofukuten fate Merged with Mitsukoshi Ltd. WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


, Munich, Venice, Florence and Siena. The second half of the semester focuses on ancient civilizations, which begins in Rome and continues through Pompeii, the Peloponnese, Athens and the Greek Islands. The English and Human Dimensions courses run throughout the entire semester, which allows for the integration of the two history courses with literature, writing assignments, philosophy and physical activities. - scope "row" style "font-weight

Washington, D.C.

of alcohol. 07 09 1990 align left align left Early 20th century The flow between the United States and Canada continued in the twentieth century. A wave of immigration occurred in the 1920s, with blacks from the Caribbean coming to work in the steel mills of Cape Breton (Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia), replacing those who

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