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, the Guidebook contains information on lost treasure, a complete survival guide (Survival skills), extensive historical and technical information and phrase books for various more or less common languages (like a minimal lizard phrase book), and many more. However, it does not contain information that a Junior Woodchuck is already supposed to know, such as the location of Cape of Good Hope nor does it contain information on allegedly non-existent things. (In one episode of Duck Tales, the three


Phrase books, maps and guides can be found here. English and Russian are spoken in many places throughout Baku, but it wise to still either bring an Azeri phrase book and or brush up on your Azeri Turkish Russian before arriving. However, about 80% of population at least understands Russian, and about half the people under the age of 35 will speak at least a little English. - English is well catered for in most shops, restaurants and bars as a result of 15+ years of expats from the oil industry. Very easy to make yourself understood with little local language skills. See also: * Azerbaijani phrasebook * Turkish phrasebook * Russian phrasebook See Old Town (Icheri Sheher) There are a number of interesting sites within Baku's walled fortress, the '''Old City''' (a UNESCO World Heritage site (UNESCO World Heritage List)), which can all be seen on foot in one day: thumb right 200px The Divankhana Pishtaq in the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs (File:Azerbaigian-baku2.jpg) * Commons:Category:Baku


mainstay Viennese restaurant '''menus''' offer a bewildering variety of terms for dishes, most of which the visitor will never have heard of and many of which aren't in the brief lists of menu terms included in phrase books. However restaurants that have any foreign patrons at all usually have an English menu, though you may have to ask for it: the phrase "English menu" usually will be understood even by wait staff who don't speak English. A small bilingual dictionary


; He was called up for the UEFA Euro 2008 for Turkey. '''Langenscheidt''' is a privately held German (Germany) publishing company, specialising in language resource literature. As well as producing monolingual dictionaries (dictionary), Langenscheidt also produces bilingual dictionaries and travel phrase-books, as well as maps and atlases. As of 2010, the museum has over 260 vehicles. While most are from New England and other areas of the United States, trolleys from

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