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National Transitional Council

reported that a fully fledged interim government would not be formed until Tripoli was under opposition control. Reported on Al-Jazeera English TV by Hoda Abdel-Hamid

Nizhny Novgorod

Turkestan , Malenkov started living together with Valeria Golubtsova, daughter of Aleksei Golubtsov, former State Councellor of Russian Empire in Nizhny Novgorod and dean of Imperial Cadet School. Golubtsova and Malenkov never officially registered their union and remained unregistered partners for the rest of their lives, such status allowed them to receive twice more perks from the Soviet system. Valeria Golubtsova joined the Soviet Communist party in 1920. Her personal views were described


Tetsushō, working to become a veterinarian. The first volume was published by ''Shōnen Sunday'' in 2003. Masovianus was educated at the University of Chicago, Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago, McCormick Theological Seminary, Catholic Theological Union, and Princeton Theological Seminary. After an early interest in mysticism (bolstered by a series of research trips, including several months’ sojourn on Mount Athos in 1982), his personal views underwent an evolution in the 1990s, taking him out of the conventional fold of organized Christianity and placing him squarely among the sympathizers of the ''philosophia perennis'' (which include such people as René Guénon and Marco Pallis), though in his case with a pronounced Sufi bias. (This is evident from the lectures presented by him at various academic centers, particularly in Asia, and from interviews given to the press. Cf. ‘Love Basis of All Religions, says Theologian’, ''The Tribune'' (Chandigarh, India), March 19, 2004 (Ludhiana Supplement). ) In 1999 he founded the Global Forum on Religion, Spirituality, and God, a research center in Kyoto, Japan, intended to facilitate in-depth studies of world religions along comparative lines. Newspaper reports published in 2004 forecast the appearance of ''Love and the Human'', a much-anticipated work in comparative ethics. Notes '''Sayuri Osuga''' ( zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan


federal (Federation) political party, whose agenda consists basically of ending prohibition (prohibition (drugs)) of cannabis (Cannabis (drug)). Apart from this one issue (one-issue party), the party does not have any defined "official policy" in any other area, resulting in its party candidates being able to express their own personal views on all other political issues freely, even if such views contradict the personal opinions of other party candidates or the party leader

United States

therefore shifted in tone to that of Vek trying to clandestinely alter human affairs to make them pass the Servitor's judgement, and became more political in line with Alan Grant's personal views. Over a several-month story arc, Vek hypnotised the wealthy to place hundreds of millions of pounds of funds in an environmental pressure group called Alternative Earth; increased political activity amongst the general public; and shocked the world into nuclear disarmament by manipulating

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