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was the notary, Jonas Kentra. Following the Lithuanian press ban of 1864, Palanga became an important location for the smuggling of Lithuanian publications (Knygnešiai) from the west. The Rev. Marcijonas Jurgaitis, physician Liudas Vaineikis, and notary Jonas Kentra, played significant roles in this activity. After Kentra obtained official permission, a public performance featuring the comedy, ''Amerika pirtyje'' (America in the Bath), was performed in the Lithuanian language


by filmmaker Lance Bangs in 1997 and was put out to combat the exorbitant sums that Neutral Milk Hotel live albums were selling for on eBay. The CD features a QuickTime movie of the concert performance, featuring a backlit Mangum seen mostly in silhouette throughout the video. In 2005, ''Live at Jittery Joe's'' was released on LP by Isota Records. ANT1 Europe launched in early 2006 but is only available outside Greece and not in neighbouring countries such as Albania, Bosnia

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