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proved worthy of the 1975 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award "for outstanding coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged." ''Rocky'' Apollo Marvin Creed first appeared in the 1976 (1976 in film) Oscar (Academy Award)-winning film ''Rocky'' as the charismatic, intelligent and undefeated 33 year old World Heavyweight Champion. A planned Bicentennial (United States Bicentennial) fight against number one contender Mac Lee Green was scheduled for January 1, 1976, which Apollo gladly hypes whenever someone places a microphone in front of him. However, Green hurts his left hand in training, and when none of the other top ranked contenders, such as Joe Czak and Buddy Shaw, step up to face the champion, Creed responds with a promotion that will generate huge publicity. He will offer an unknown local fighter an opportunity to battle Creed for the title, in a match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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