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in Swedish '''''Dala-Demokraten''''' is a Swedish (Sweden) Social Democratic (Swedish Social Democratic Party) newspaper published in Falun, Dalarna, established in 1917. The outspoken Social Democrat Göran Greider is the paper's political editor. '''Sweden''' * The two 44-tonners from the ironworks in Hofors and Domnarvet is preserved by a railway society in Falun, Dalarna. - 13 August 2005 Fredrik


as a public elementary school teacher in Vienna. Already an outspoken Social Democrat (Social Democracy) at that time, he was disciplined several times for his political activism. His founding of a Social Democratic teachers' union in 1896 lead to his delegation into the Lower Austrian provincial Board of Education in 1897, which in turn lead to his termination as a teacher later that same year. Seitz now turned to full-time politics and established himself as one of Austrian Social Democracy's

United States

'' and ''Walt Disney's The Jungle Book (The Jungle Book (video game))'' for the Mega Drive Genesis (Mega Drive), all of them developed after David Perry had left the studio. '''Hugh Loebner''' (born March 26, 1942) is notable as the sponsor of the Loebner Prize, an embodiment of the Turing test. He is an American (United States) inventor, holding six United States Patents (United States Patent and Trademark Office). He is also an outspoken social Activism activist

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