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(Germany) Fliegerkorps VIII's close support aircraft were able to break the backbone of Western Front's counter-attack at Grodno. 6th Cavalry Corps was so badly mauled by this aerial onslaught against its columns that it was unable to deploy for attack. Jagdgeschwader 53's Hermann Neuhoff recalled:

Weimar Republic

opposition' —- fourteen years of rule by Jews, Marxists and 'cultural Bolsheviks', who had at last been swept away by the National Socialist movement under Adolf Hitler and the victory of the 'national revolution' of 1933." Eberhard Kolb, ''The Weimar Republic'' (Routledge, 2005), p. 140 On November 11, 1918, the representatives of the newly formed Weimar Republic signed an armistice with the Allies which would end World War I. The subsequent Treaty


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; The leader is elected by the Opposition Party according to its rules. A new Opposition Leader may be elected when the incumbent dies, resigns or is challenged for the leadership. '''SS ''Canberra''''' was an ocean liner, which later operated on Cruising (maritime) cruises


, private bills were used in the nineteenth century to create corporations, grant monopolies (monopoly) and give individuals attention to be more fully considered by the parliament. The government may also seek to have a bill introduced ''unofficially'' by a backbencher so as not to create a public scandal; such bills may also be introduced by the loyal opposition — members of the opposition party or parties. Sometimes a private member's bill may also have private

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