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motorway . Legnica has also a district, which is a part of national road no 3 (National road 3 (Poland)). The express road S3 (Expressway S3 (Poland)) building has been planned nearby. Public transport In the city there are 20 regular bus lines, 1 belt-line (beltway), 2 night lines and 3 suburban. The town has an airport (Legnica Airport) (airport code EPLE) with a 1600-metre runway, the remains of a former Soviet air base, but it is (


in the Duchy of Warsaw, bestowing upon its recipients the title of hereditary nobility and requiring donations to a Warsaw hospital. After the November Uprising the Order was entirely taken over by the Russian Empire. Cessation of violence The pogrom was eventually stopped at approximately 3:00 p.m with the arrival of a new unit of security forces from a nearby Public Security academy, sent by Colonel Stanisław Kupsza, and additional troops from Warsaw. ref name "


2011 A nearby public house, The Leaking Boot, was destroyed by fire in June 2009. Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


, several hundred elk may be seen on the refuge seeking winter food and sanctuary from hunting pressure on nearby public lands. Canada In Canada, companies are beginning to recruit temporary foreign workers under Service Canada's recent "'''You Get What You Give'''" is a song by the New Radicals. It was an international hit, the first and most successful single from their album

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