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housing costs compared to those in nearby art havens such as Hoboken (Hoboken, New Jersey), Jersey City and Manhattan. Mary Paul and Caren Matzner. "Scores of artists find a place in N. Hudson" ''The Union City Reporter'', April 17, 2008, pages 1, 6 and 19 The Union City West New York area in particular is a major training ground for actors in the county. "New performers on the block", ''The Union City Reporter'', February 27, 2011, Pages 1 and 13 In September 2008, Union City held its first annual month-long Art Month, which originated with the September 2006 "Celebrate Art" show at St. John's Episcopal Church. Art Month includes events such as the Union City Arts and Crafts Festival, held the second week of every September. Group shows are also arranged by organizations such as La Ola, La Ola, Accessed November 20, 2010. a group formed to help unite local artists, and FederaciĆ³n Mercantil, which provides support to artists in the form of bank loan assistance and help avoiding foreclosure, and puts on an annual show of work by Spanish-American painters. Another is the Union City Artists Collective, founded in 2007 by a group of artists and public officials that includes Amado Mora, a sculptor, painter and curator of the Union City Art Gallery at City Hall. Mestanza, Jean-Pierre. "Union City artist spreads word about city" ''Hudson Dispatch Weekly'', November 24, 2010, page 3 Locations in which artists reside or have put on tours or shows include the Yardley Building, a former Yardley of London soap factory on Palisade Avenue that overlooks Hoboken, and the old R.H. Simon Silk Mill on 39th Street, which has been dubbed the "Union Hill (Union Hill, New Jersey) Arts Building". The Park Performing Arts Center is also a popular arts venue in the city, as it houses Hudson Theatre Works, a theatre company founded in 2011. It was also the first venue for the Park Players, an acting troupe founded in the early 1980s by local teacher Joseph Conklin, LaMarca, Stephen. "Providing Hudson County with theater". ''The Union City Reporter''. July 24, 2011. page 5 and formerly hosted the ''NoHu Visions'' show, and the annual two-day Multi-Arts Festival Rosero, Jessica. "Silver Anniversay of the Multi-Arts" ''The Union City Reporter'', May 21, 2005, Page 9 until 2010, when the latter moved to Union City High School, which houses the Union City Performing Arts Center. Rappaport, Melissa. "Live! UC inaugurates performing arts center" ''Union City Reporter'' October 25, 2009; Pages 1 & 16 Union City Performing Arts Center official site Geography Weehawken is part of the New York metropolitan area. Situated on the western shore of the Hudson River (North River (Hudson River)), along the southern end of the New Jersey Palisades across from Midtown Manhattan, it is the location of the western terminus of the Lincoln Tunnel. Commons:Category:Manhattan, New York City WikiPedia:Manhattan Dmoz:Regional North America United States New York Localities N New York City Manhattan

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Sputnik Crashed Here publisher Roadside America accessdate 2008-11-11 A customer in a nearby art gallery jokingly suggested that the city should hold a festival to celebrate the crash. The city held the first Sputnikfest in 2008, which was organized by the head of both museums. Notable people *Aldrich Hazen Ames, former C.I.A. counter-intelligence officer and analyst; convicted

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