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Ruse, Bulgaria

s, three-dimensional replicas of nature landscapes. Exhibited in the museum are the biggest freshwater aquarium in Bulgaria and a scale model of Woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). align "center" 250px (File:Prirodonauchen-muzei-ruse2.jpg) - align "center" Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo align "left" The Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo are a group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries hewn out of solid rock, located near the village of Ivanovo, or ''Podul de la Giurgiu'') is a steel truss bridge over the Danube River connecting the Bulgarian bank to the south with the Romanian bank to the north and the cities of Ruse (Ruse, Bulgaria) and Giurgiu respectively.


, so you can get on and off the train. The train is rather touristic, but it's a very special way to get to Östersund. If you are traveling from locations around or in Trondheim (Norway) you can ride with "''Nabotåget''". A beautiful journey starting in Trondheim and ends in Östersund, and an perfect opportunity to see great mountains and vast nature landscapes. By car The route E14 connects Östersund to several cities in both Norway and Sweden. You can reach E14 both south


; Krasnoyarsk is an important junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway and one of Russia's largest producers of aluminium. The city is notable for its nature landscapes; author Anton Chekhov judged Krasnoyarsk to be the most beautiful city in Siberia. Anton Chekhov, ''"The Crooked Mirror" and Other Stories'', Zebra Book, 1995. See page 200 for English translation of his journey through Siberia. Geography File:Yenisei basin 7.png left thumb Krasnoyarsk

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