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'' * ''Park Hotel Libertador'' * ''Selva Alegre Park'' col5 * ''Forest Selva Alegre'' * ''Plaza San Antonio'' * ''Romana Square'' * ''Municipal Nursery'' * ''Selva Alegre Playground'' * ''International Club'' Outside this monumental natural areas that stand out are the following: *Ecological Park of Alto Selva Alegre. is located in the middle of an urban area east of the city, right outside Cayma District and Rio Chili in the territory of the district of Selva Alegre. The park and surrounding areas occupy an area of 1008 hectares


. The complete listings are found on each individual district page. Landmarks * '''Pigeon Rocks''' (Rawcheh District) A monumental natural arch jutting up from the Mediterranean. Great place to sit at one of the roadside cafes and watch the sun set. * '''Place de l'Etoile''' (Nejmeh Square)(Downtown (Beirut Downtown) District), originally built by the French in the early 20th century in the very center of the Downtown district, it suffered a lot of war damage during the war but recently has

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