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* Davood Azad, musician * Mehdi Bakeri and Hamid Bakeri (مهدی و حمید باکری), Iranian Azerbaijani (Iranian Azerbaijanis) key figures and generals of Iran-Iraq war. Mehdi Bakeri was mayor of Urmia * Joseph Cochran, founder of first modern medical school in Iran * Parviz Fattah, energy minister in the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad * Gholamreza Hassani, Friday prayer and supreme leader's representative in West Azerbaijan Province * Sadegh Mahsouli, state minister in the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad * Saeid Marouf, volleyball player * Reza Moridi, Member of Parliament, Ontario, Canada and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities as well as Minister of Research and Innovation. First Iranian (Azeri) to become a cabinet minister out of Iran and first Iranian to be elected to a parliament in North America. * Habib Mohebian, known as Habib, a pop musician * Masoud Pezeshkian, Minister of Health and Medical Education in the government of Mohammad Khatami See also Commons:Category:Urmia


او در آموزش پزشکی نوین ایران'' (Dr. Charles Oberling and his role in Iran's modern medical education). شمس شریعت تربقان. TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) Publications. 2007. * Germany: Berlin, Cologne, Mannheim, and Munich * Iran: Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Orumiyeh (Urmia), Qom, and Tehran * Jordan: Amman **Abu Musa Island - Abu Musa Airport **Ahvaz - Ahvaz Airport **Asalouyeh - Asalouyeh

Port Alberni


fighting and 6,000 died of malaria and other diseases before the second Franco-Hova War ended. In 1896 the French Parliament voted to annex (annexation) Madagascar. The 103-year-old Merina monarchy ended with the royal family sent into exile in Algeria. In 1864 Antananarivo opened the first hospital and a modern medical school. Two years later appeared the first newspaper. A scientific journal in English (''Antananarivo Annual'') is even released from 1875. In 1894


in Iran). Naser Takmil Homayoun. دفتر پژوهشهای فرهنگی (Center for Cultural Research Publications). p.98 Dr. Charles Oberling was highly instrumental in this regard. ''پروفسور ابرلن و نقش او در آموزش پزشکی نوین ایران'' (Dr. Charles Oberling and his role in Iran's modern medical education). شمس شریعت تربقان. TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) Publications. 2007. With Isfahan firmly in Muslim hands, the conquest of Fars Province Fars

Santo Domingo

Private: *'' Diagnostic Center , Advanced Medicine and Telemedicine ( CEDIMAT ) '' * Center for Advanced Medicine '' Dr. Abel González '' * Advanced Ophthalmology Center '' and '' Laser Surgery *'' Medical Center '' Gonzalez Alcantara *'' '' West Indian Medical Center *'' Medical Center '' Corominas Pepin * Caribbean '' Medical Center '' *'' '' Dominican Medical Center *'' Medical Center Dominican- Cuban '' *'' Medical Center '' Dr. Seaton *'' Medical Center '' Gazcue *'' '' Modern

Medical Center *'' Real '' Medical Center *'' '' Cross Medical Centre Richardson * UCE '' Medical Center '' *'' Odont Medical Center . Amer . Centrodom -Don Bosco '' *'' Odont Medical Center . Amer . Centrodom - Paradise '' *'' '' Abreu Clinic *'' '' United Hearts Clinic *'' '' Patiño Gómez Clinic * Clinic '' Independence '' *'' '' Rodríguez Santos Clinic * San Rafael Clinic '' '' * San Martin Medical Group '' '' *'' Health services '' Dominicans Public: * Central Hospital '' Armed


arrival with his family on September 20, 1884, he was involved in the aftermath of Gapsinjeongbyeon, during which a royal relative Min Young Ik was stabbed and injured. The German diplomat Paul Georg von Möllendorff was present at the massacre and quickly requested Allen's medical care. Under his modern medical treatment unknown to Korea at the time, Min Young Ik recovered in three months. Consequently, this initiated for Allen a close connection with Emperor Gojong of the Korean

Empire Gojong , and demonstrated the benefit of western medicine to the Korean public. With this auspicious turn of events Allen was able to establish Gwanghyewon (廣惠院, House of Extended Grace) under royal finance and support in Seoul. Gwanghyewon was the first modern medical facility in Korea. The Gwanghyewon was soon renamed by Gojong to Che Chung Won (the House of Civilized Virtue) and evolved to become the current Severance Hospital and Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea. Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul

Madison, Wisconsin

;the specter of a family's being forced to choose between terminating the use of a life-support system and allowing an accused to escape a murder charge" and the court's finding that it is "unjust to permit an assailant to escape punishment because of a convergence of modern medical advances and an archaic rule from the thirteenth century". ¶35 Background and recording Nirvana first played the song the night before it was demoed. Bassist Krist Novoselic recalled that it "originally sounded like a Bad Brains song. Then Kurt turned it into a pop song". Cross, Charles R. "Requiem for a Dream." ''Guitar World''. October 2001. Cobain went home and reworked the song, playing the revised version of it over the phone to Novoselic. Fricke, David. "Krist Novoselic on ''Nevermind''". ''Rolling Stone''. September 13, 2001. Retrieved on June 10, 2008. He is a member of the Sierra Club and the Jackson Park Neighborhood Association. http: w3asp contact legislatorpages.aspx?house Senate&district 3&display bio * Format: CD February 3, 1978 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin February 5, 1978 UNI-Dome, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Alan Fagan '''Alan Fagan''' was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He was the nephew of the third Mister Fear, Larry Cranston. When Larry seemingly died, Alan came into possession of the fear gas and other equipment. ''Marvel Team-Up'' #92 Unlike the other Mister Fears, Fagan's primary adversary was Spider-Man, not Daredevil. ''Web of Spider-Man'' #63 ''Web of Spider-Man'' #98-100 1960s *The Fendermen - ''Mule Skinner Blues'' (Soma Records (Soma Records (U.S. label)), 1960 (1960 in music)) This Madison, Wisconsin-based duo reached #5 on the Billboard charts with their version, featuring abbreviated lyrics and strong Fender electric guitar instrumentation. *Jose Feliciano - "Mule Skinner Blues" (RCA Victor Records, 1964) The '''Madison Muskies''' were a Class A minor league baseball team that played in the Midwest League from 1982 (1982 in sports) to 1993 (1993 in sports) in Madison, Wisconsin. They were an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The team, which was started by Madison entrepreneur Ed Janus, played at Warner Park. Yemma predicts that within the next five years, economic constraints will force most other newspapers to make similar changes. A small number of local newspapers made similar changes before the ''Monitor'' announced its plans. Two examples are ''The Capital Times'' and ''The Daily Telegram'' respectively of Madison, Wisconsin (w:Madison, Wisconsin) and Superior, Wisconsin (w:Superior, Wisconsin). Adam Dylan Leon, a 31-year-old Canadian citizen, stole a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (w:Cessna 172) light aircraft from an airfield in Thunder Bay (w:Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada. After taking off, the airplane went off course toward the United States. The State Capitol in Madison (w:Madison, Wisconsin), Wisconsin was briefly evacuated, but the aircraft went southwest of the city and personnel were allowed back in. Two F-16 (w:F-16) fighters had been dispatched to follow the Cessna which later landed near US 60 in Ellsinore, Missouri, but NORAD (w:NORAD) spokesman Mike Kucharek said that the aircraft was not thought to be a terrorist threat.

Birmingham, Alabama

: University of Arkansas at Little Rock) It is located in the Medical Center District on the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) campus on Birmingham's (Birmingham, Alabama) Southside (Southside, Birmingham, Alabama). UAB Hospital is a 908-bed facility that provides patients with a complete range of primary and specialty care services. It is Alabama's major tertiary care center and a modern medical complex serving approximately 35,000 patients annually. With 18,750 employees


: lstm about history_of_the_school.htm title Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine publisher accessdate 3 August 2010 Orthopaedic surgery was pioneered in Liverpool by Hugh Owen Thomas, Liverpool's Contributions to Medicine Lord Cohen of Birkenhead (Henry Cohen, 1st Baron Cohen of Birkenhead) BMJ 1965 April 10; 1(5440): 945–948 and modern medical anaesthetics by Thomas Cecil Gray. The world's first integrated sewer system was constructed in Liverpool by James Newlands, appointed the UK's first borough engineer in 1847. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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