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manufacturing oil

Paraíso, Tabasco

. Just under twenty eight percent of the working population is employed in mining, petroleum, construction and manufacturing. Oil drilling is mostly done in two fields: Puerto Ceiba Mesozoico and Puerto Ceiba Terciario, each with two wells. These produce over two thousand barrels daily along with 1.2 million cubic feet of natural gas. Most manufacturing is small concerns which produce corn flour, chocolate, ice, clothing, cinderblock and tortillas. The production of fiberglass is an important source of employment. Handcrafts include figures from dried coconuts and seashells as well as hammocks. 250px thumb Kayak's in Puerto Ceiba. (File:Paraiso.Puerto Ceiba.jpg) Oil spills both on land and in the ocean have been problematic not only for fishing but for tourism as well. When spills happen, the smell of oil can dominate the air of the surrounding areas. Born in Paraíso (Paraíso, Tabasco), Tabasco, Palma starred in a dozen films before a dispute with Jorge Negrete, then-president of the National Association of Actors (ANDA), led to her being banned from the Mexican film industry.

Buenos Aires

, dairy, grain, tobacco, wool and leather products are processed or manufactured in the Buenos Aires metro area (Greater Buenos Aires). Other leading industries are automobile manufacturing, oil refining, metalworking, machine building and the production of textiles, chemicals, clothing and beverages. The city's budget, per Mayor Macri's 2011 proposal, will include US$6 billion in revenues and US$6.3 billion in expenditures. The city relies on local income and capital gains taxes


companies Colonial Penn, CIGNA, Independence Blue Cross, energy company Sunoco, food services company Aramark and Crown (Crown Holdings Incorporated), chemical makers Rohm and Haas and FMC (FMC Corporation), pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, and automotive parts retailer Pep Boys. Philadelphia's economic sectors include information technology, manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care and biotechnology

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