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, leading him to spend some time in a hospital in Zaragoza, Spain, where he had a part of his fingers amputated. In 1954 CAF took over '''Material Móvil y Construcciones''' (MMC) from Zaragoza (Aragon), a company with extensive experience in manufacturing long-distance and subway trains. * '''LEXJ''' (SDR) – Santander Airport – Santander (Santander, Spain) Cantabria * '''LEZG''' (ZAZ) – Zaragoza Airport – Zaragoza Aragon * '''LEZL''' (SVQ) – San Pablo Airport – Sevilla * 1081 - Old Mainz Cathedral destroyed by a fire, marking the beginning of the construction of the current building. * 1081 - Aljafería Palace built in Zaragoza, Spain (begun in 1065 (1060s in architecture)). * 1082 - Great Mosque of Tlemcen built in the Almoravid Empire (Almoravid dynasty). Birth of only child, "Nenuca" The honeymoon lasted only a few days. Franco was needed in North Africa, and he did not wish to be accompanied by his wife. This forced separation lasted fifteen months. At age 32, Franco was promoted to full colonel and made official commander of the Legion. He finally established a home, in Melilla, where he moved Polo. Franco soon rose to the rank of general. This began a new and difficult life for Polo, who would have to accustom herself to her husband's constant and unpredictable reassignments. They moved from Madrid to Zaragoza, back to Oviedo, to the Canary Islands, and after the Spanish Civil War, to Salamanca and Burgos. "I felt like an authentic nomad", she said on one occasion. imagesize 250px caption RENFE 253.057 at Zaragoza (Aragon) builder thumb 200px Panorama of the abbey buildings (File:Rueda - Vista general.jpg) '''Rueda Abbey''' or '''Rueda de Ebro Abbey''' ( Commons:Zaragoza, Spain

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