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Olympia, Washington

Underground Convention in Olympia, Washington, heralded the emerging riot grrrl phenomenon. Billed as "Love Rock Revolution Girl Style Now", the concert's lineup included Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, L7 (L7 (band)), and Mecca Normal. Raha (2005), p. 154. The riot grrrl movement foregrounded feminist concerns and progressive politics in general; the DIY ethic and fanzines were also central elements of the scene. Jackson (2005

Northern Ireland

to the publication of ''We Need to Talk About Kevin'' as "anthropology and first love, rock-and-roll drumming and immigration, the Northern Irish (Northern Ireland) Troubles, demography and epidemiology, inheritance, tennis and spousal competition, and terrorism and cults of personality (cult of personality)...." Rather than writing traditionally sympathetic characters, Shriver prefers to create characters who are "hard to love." Shute, Jenefer. http


''Billboard'' Hot 100 in the USA, and was a poor performer at pop radio stations. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll (I Love Rock 'n' Roll#Britney Spears version)" was released in Australia, Canada and Europe, excluding France, where "Anticipating" was released instead, in mid-2002, with the UK release following in November. Originally made famous by Joan Jett, the track was featured in ''Crossroads''. The single was released


''' were a popular 1980s new wave (New Wave music) band from Canada. They are not identical to the british 70s-band Arrows (Arrows (British band)), well known for their greatest hit ''I Love Rock N' Roll'', covered later by Joan Jett, Britney Spears e Miley Cyrus. Since 1969, Sharp has had more than 20 solo exhibitions at museums, and art galleries such as: Brown University; the University Art Museum, Berkeley, California; The Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco

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