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different groups of musicians were assembled in each location. Writing credits on the album are given to both Declan MacManus and Elvis Costello. Plot 1964 saw the cancellation of ''The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show'' and life became rather miserable and melancholy for Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel (voiced by June Foray, reprising her longtime role) and Bullwinkle J. Moose (voiced by Keith Scott (Keith Scott (voice actor))). Their home, Frostbite Falls, has been destroyed in deforestation, Rocky has lost his ability to fly, and the show's unseen Narrator (also voiced by Keith Scott) lives with his mother, spending his time narrating everything that she does (much to her annoyance). Bullwinkle and Rocky head out to address the President of the United States regarding their situation, but are stopped for six months by red tape. Meanwhile, their enemies, Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov, and Natasha Fatale lose power over Pottsylvania and dig to a Hollywood film studio where they convince Minnie Mogul (Janeane Garofalo), an executive, to sign a contract giving her rights to the show, and the villains are transformed from their two-dimensional cel animation (Traditional animation) origins, and become live-action characters (now in the form of Robert De Niro, Jason Alexander, and Rene Russo, respectively). FBI agent Karen Sympathy (Piper Perabo) and her boss, Cappy von Trapment (Randy Quaid) inform President Signoff (James Rebhorn) that Fearless Leader intends to make himself the President by brainwashing the American public with his cable television network, "RBTV" or "Really Bad Television". Karen is sent to a special lighthouse to bring Rocky and Bullwinkle to the real world. She succeeds, the Narrator being brought along as well but never being physically seen. History In the mid-sixties, there were two prior attempts to build “The Indianapolis of the West.” The first attempt was led by National General Corporation, and the second by the Santa Anita Consolidated and Filmways Corporations. The second attempt focused on an 800 parcel of land (the Cucamonga Winery) directly across from the new Ontario International Airport on the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10) 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. William Loorz CEO of Stolte Construction Co., one of California’s largest commercial construction companies, who had been designated the contractor on the project, sent information on the failed projects to David Lockton, co-founder with Chuck Barnes of Sports Headliners, a leading sports management firm in Indianapolis, Indiana that acted as agent and manager for most of the Formula One and Indianapolis-style racing drivers. Sports Headliners represented most of the leading Formula One drivers and the winners of the past 10 Indianapolis

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