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, particularly with the westward expansion of the town. Ballincollig has grown to be second largest town in County Cork after Cork City. Churches Two Catholic churches are located in the town. The modern 'Church of Christ Our Light' (designed by a local architectural firm) is located on the west side of the town, while the old 'Church of St Mary and St John' is located near the centre of the town, on Station Road. Ballincollig Roman Catholic Parish The Bible Baptist Church meets in the Westgate Foundation on the west end of town. The church is associated with the Cork Bible Institute and other Gospel ministries. Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig Other religious groups including Hindus, Sikhs, and Greek Orthodox also have services at various locations in Ballincollig. thumb 226px left St. Mary's and St. John's Church as seen from Station Road (File:Ballincollig old church.jpg) Amenities The amenities located in Ballincollig include a library, a multiplex cinema, playgrounds, shopping centres Ballincollig County Cork Ireland Tourism Guide and a large park. The recreational park, Ballincollig Regional Park, includes the former gunpowder mill (Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills) and measures approximately 135 acres, with 52 structures in varying stages of decay surviving from the gunpowder manufacturing process. The site is approximately 2.4 kilometres in length and the River Lee runs the northern length of the site. The site contains a system of canals used during the manufacturing process connecting all the process areas in a single flat system without locks. The canals are fed from the River Lee at the western end of the site. The park contains soccer pitches, a rugby pitch, walkways, a skateboard facility, and free-to-use outdoor fitness equipment - the latter installed on the park's western end in November 2011. As a result of a 2012 development plan, which outlined the future of the Regional Park by the Recreation & Amenity section of the local authority,


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located on the corner of Flinders Street (Flinders Street, Melbourne) and Russell Street (Russell Street, Melbourne) in the central business district (Melbourne central business district) of Melbourne, Australia. The building was designed by American architect John Eberson, who has designed many theatres across the globe, along with a local architectural firm at the time; Bohringer, Taylor & Johnson. It was designed as an "Atmospheric theatre" movie palace. The interior features reproductions of Greco-Roman statuary and a sky-blue ceiling decorated with small stars, mimicking a twilight sky. '''Bullaburra''' is a small town in the state of New South Wales, Australia in the City of Blue Mountains. It is one of the towns that stretch along the route of the Main Western railway line (Main Western railway line, New South Wales) and Great Western Highway which pass over the Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains (Australia)), west of Sydney. Bullaburra used to have a service station but it was demolished in 2008. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia

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