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– Hamburg Airport *Munich – Munich Airport It was founded in Hamburg in 1946 by the British (United Kingdom) occupying forces, aiming to provide a "quality newspaper" modelled on ''The Times''. It originally carried news and British-viewpoint editorial content, but from 1947 it adopted a policy of providing two leading articles on major questions, one British and one German. At its peak in the occupation period, it had a circulation of around a million. ref


, frequently contributing leading articles and editorials. Foreign news had always been Crozier's chief interest and his editorship coincided with the establishment of the National Socialist (Nazism) regime in Germany and the Second World War. Working closely with his friend and sometime German correspondent, F. A. Voigt, Crozier "''considered it no less than his duty personally and persistently to expose the Nazis''" (Morris) and he pursued this policy with a crusading

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