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Federal Aviation Administration

) chief1_name Michael Huerta chief1_position Administrator chief2_name Michael Whitaker chief2_position Deputy Administrator parent_agency U.S. Department of Transportation (United States Department of Transportation) child1_agency website footnotes F.A.A. Chief to Lead

Industry Group—New York Times . FAA Chief To Become Aerospace Lobbyist— . The '''Federal Aviation Administration''' ('''FAA''') is the national aviation authority of the United States. An agency of the United States Department of Transportation, it has authority to regulate

United States

-012-0012 enhanced 1.jpg thumb 200px Portrait of Moses Austin '''Moses Austin''' (October 4, 1761 – June 10, 1821) played a large part in the development of the American (United States) lead industry and is the father of Stephen F. Austin, a leading American settler of Texas. He was the first to be allowed to gather Anglo Americans for settlement in Spanish Texas. He also established the first English American settlement west of the Mississippi River

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