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Lake''' Nong Tang is a large picturesque natural lake flanked by high limestone cliffs. Locals use it for fishing and it is a favorite picnic site. Enjoy the peaceful setting in the local restaurant. Around Nong Tang there are several temple ruins of Wat Pong, Wat Xiengna and Mang Stupa. All date from the Phuan Kingdom. The Tham Pa Buddha cave is also located nearby. Overnight stay is available in a guesthouse along the shore. Nongtang is located 48 km from Phonsavan on Route 7 going

. Taking a guide to visit the site is recommended. *

Velikiye Luki

. The Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov is buried in this city. Modest Mussorgsky's memorial house in Kunyinsky District, standing on the bank of a large picturesque lake, is within easy range of the town. Other people from Velikiye Luki * Alexandra Burchenkova (born 1988), road racing cyclist riding for Rusvelo Women Team. * Roman Kagazezhev (born 1980), professional football player. * German Lovchev (born 1981), professional footballer. * Andrei Lukanchenkov (born 1986), professional footballer. * Oleg Marichev (Oleg Igorevich Marichev) (born 1945), mathematician. * Viktor Safronov (1917–1999), astronomer. * Genrikh Fedosov (1932–2005), football player. * Sergey Firsanov (born 1982), professional road bicycle racer. * Allan Erdman (born 1933), retired Soviet shooter. International relations 5.91 16 October 1942, in the days of Battle of Stalingrad the division was assigned to front-line airfields near Andreapol, Tver Oblast and subordinated to Mikhail Gromov (Mikhail Gromov (aviator))'s Third Air Army targeted against Rzhev and Smolensk. The division entered combat 29 October Kamanin's first personal combat sortie in World War II occurred 28 December 1942, against Velikiye Luki railroad station. The division was engaged in the Battle of Velikiye Luki and Second Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive, which ended in German evacuation of Rzhev bridgeheads at an enormous cost to Red Army. 292nd division, credited with saving Soviet offensive at Bely, Tver Oblast (8 December) and other tactical successes, was slowly bleeding, losing 20 pilots and 35 aircraft in two months, with no replenishments until January 1943. Refit division served against Demyansk Pocket, 15–23 February 1943. 1 March 1943, Kamanin was summoned to Moscow again and passed command of 292nd division to Filipp Agaltsov, future Marshal of Aviation (Military ranks of the Soviet Union).

Ribble Valley

, Ribble Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer based in Preston (Preston, Lancashire), and Ribble Valley Inns. '''Whalley''' ( ) is a large village in the Ribble Valley on the banks of the River Calder (River Calder, Lancashire) in Lancashire, England. It is overlooked by Whalley Nab, a large picturesque wooded hill over the river from the village. #Central Lancashire (Preston (Preston,_Lancashire), South Ribble and Chorley


and were buried in unmarked pits near the station. * The main government building, the White House (White House (Bishkek)), is a huge, seven story marble block and the former headquarters of the Communist Party of the Kirghiz SSR (Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic) * At Ala-Too Square, there is an Independence monument where the changing of the guards may be watched. * Osh bazaar, west of the downtown area, is a large, picturesque produce market Outer neighbourhoods The Dordoy Bazaar

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