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residential areas began. The low-rise tenant houses of the Khrushchev era (Khrushchyovkas) gave way to the construction of high-rise prefabricated apartment blocks (similar to German Plattenbaus). In 1976 in line with the city's 1926 renaming a large monumental statue of Grigoriy Petrovsky was placed on the square in front of the city's station. В 1976 г. архитектурно-художественная композиция привокзальной площади была завершена постановкой памятника Г. И. Петровскому To this day the city is characterised by its mix of architectural styles, with much of the city's centre consisting of pre-revolutionary buildings in a variety of styles, stalinist buildings and constructivist architecture, whilst residential districts are, more often than not, made up of aesthetically simple, technically outdated mid-rise and high-rise housing stock from the Soviet era. Despite this, the city does have a large number of 'private sectors' were the tradition of building and maintaining individual detached housing has continued to this day. Commons:Category:Dnipropetrovsk

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19, 1895) was an American (United States) sculptor (sculpture). He is notable for making one of only two life masks of United States President Abraham Lincoln. In 1857 he helped establish the Chicago Academy of Design (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and served as its president until 1865. He made several large monumental sculptures, including the tomb of the politician Stephen A. Douglas, and statues of American Civil War figures. The '''47th Grammy Awards

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