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Castroville, California

, American Cancer Society, and other civic-minded organizations. Mrs. Sally DeSante Hebert raised a family with her husband Mr. Mike Hebert. http: cgi-bin fg.cgi?page gr&GRid 95777593 Marilyn Monroe, Honorary Artichoke Queen Marilyn Monroe was given the honorary title of Artichoke Queen in 1947 during a visit here in the Monterey Bay Area. Stanley Seedman, owner of Carlyle's Jewelers in Salinas, California, made arrangements for a model named

Venetian Dalmatia

of decadence - which virtually concludes the history of Dalmatian art - set in during the latter half of the 17th century. Special mention must be made of the carved woodwork, embroideries and plate preserved in many churches. The silver statuette and the reliquary of St. Biagio at Ragusa, and the silver ark of St. Simeon at Zara, are fine specimens of Italian jewelers' work, ranging in date from the 11th or 12th to the 17th century ...". In the 19th century


and protection. The silver crosses are uniquely shaped and are named after the town of Agadez from where they originate. The cross bears the jewelers mark on its back. The beaded necklace contains four cylindrical decoratively embossed silver segments. The Touareg crosses sold come in a number of designs. The Agadez cross is the most common, but many others are available. Each design is associated with a particular Touareg market town. Other examples include the Timia cross, the Iferouane


in Bronnitsy by 1634, evolved into stud farms supplying riding horses to the cavalry. In the 1780s the administrative reform of Catherine the Great turned the village into a proper small town with a grid plan and a growing merchant community. In the second half of the 19th century Bronnitsy was gradually industrialized, becoming a town of small textile mills and jewelers. Bronnitsy had a minor role in the military history of the Time of Troubles

Georgetown, Ontario

in the south. This has caused new business to appear including Tim Hortons, Neighbours, Metro (Metro Inc.), and many others. The Georgetown Marketplace is Georgetown's Mall. It has roughly 63 stores, including major companies such as WalMart (Walmart Canada). The mall is home to stores such as: Peoples Jewelers, Coles, Winners & Home Sense, and Ardene. Recreation and parks Hiking trails The Bruce Trail goes through Halton Hills, passing north of Georgetown. The Town


selection of small stores on its several primary streets. They offer restaurants, souvenirs, jewelers and local crafts, plus nearly everything needed for daily life by its citizens and visitors. Among other crafts, the island produces and offers very high-quality batik, in the form of cloth, clothing, and numerous kinds of home decorations and accessories. The batik is made at Caribelle Batik, which is about 11 miles outside Basseterre, situated in a historical sugar plantation, Romney Manor


by the expansion of a new style of the Renaissance period. The most powerful centers of jewellery making at the time were Lviv, Kiev, and Kamianets-Podilskyi. Lviv was the leading center for a substantial period of time. The main feature of Renaissance jewellery in Ukraine was technical sophistication using ancient decorative elements. Some of the most famous Ukrainian jewelers whom we know of today were Nykolay, Lavrentiy, Symon, A. Kasiyanovych, and H. Ostafiyevych. They worked hand

Downtown Miami

) on Flagler Street and Miami Avenue since 1912, as well as Miami's own local department stores: La Época, on Flagler and SE 2nd Av; Alberto Cortes, on Flagler and SE 3rd Av. Flagler Street is also home to many well-known and established jewelers (jewelry), many of whom have been in Downtown since the early 20th century (i.e.: Morays Jewelers, founded in 1900). This area is called the Miami Jewelry District and comprises four Downtown blocks from Miami Avenue to SE 2nd Av on Flagler

State College, Pennsylvania

businesses operating for 75 years or more: * ''The Daily Collegian (The Daily Collegian (Penn State))'' – since 1887, originally ''The Free Lance'' * Meyer Dairy – since 1887 * Hoy Transfer – since 1888 * ''Centre Daily Times'' – since 1898, originally ''The Weekly Times'' * Wolf Furniture – since 1902, originally opened in Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) as City Furniture * Kranich's Jewelers – since 1903, originally opened in York, Pennsylvania

York as Kranich Bros. Jewelers * McLanahan's – since 1903, originally opened in Tyrone (Tyrone, Pennsylvania) * Fullington Auto Bus Company – since 1908, originally opened in Clearfield (Clearfield, Pennsylvania) as E.M. Fullington's * Koch Funeral Home – since 1913 * Woodring's Floral Gardens – since 1922, originally opened in Bellefonte (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania) * State College Floral Shoppe – since 1923 * Rinaldo's Barber Shop – since 1925 * The Corner Room – since 1926 * Harper's


right after the parking area, and the school supplies store Office Depot. * '''Plaza Fiesta''' - A plaza located on the center. It offers Coppel, a Ley Plaza (Super Market), restaurants, little boutiques and shoe stores. * '''Plaza La Campiña''' - A plaza little mall in eastern city, very near the Culiacán river. It offers Pavi, Coppel, a Mega Plaza Comercial Mexicana (Super Market), many boutiques, jewelers, and seasonally a Go Karts track. * '''Movie theaters:''' Cinépolis (1), Cinemex (2

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