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;#93; (전주한옥마을 슬로시티]) . Retrieved on 2013-07-12. *The Jeonju International Sori Festival is among Songlines' 25 Best International Festivals in 2014. *The Jeonju International Film Festival draws about 50,000 visitors annually. *Jeonju is the hometown of the breakdancing crew Last for One, international Battle of the Year champion. People and everyday life Education is a major industry in the city, but it does not have the manufacturing or heavy industries found in other Korean cities. The local mountains and parks are popular for outdoor recreation due to its rural location. There are also various historical sites in the area. The city also has a zoo, a large park, and the Hanguk Sound and Culture Hall, a large, modern concert complex on the Chonbuk National University campus. Notable People Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, 1989), leader of the girl group Girls' Generation was born here. Kim Sung-kyu, leader of South Korean boy band Infinite (Infinite (band)). Kim Kyu Jong, center of SS501, was born here (born February 24, 1987) Administrative districts Jeonju is divided into 2 wards, Deokjin-gu (덕진구) and Wansan-gu (완산구), which in turn are divided into approximately 40 neighborhoods. Transportation When touring to Jeonju, it is good to use local city busses and taxis. Everything is in close so walking between points is suggested. Take advantage of one of the many local city busses. ja:全州


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