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). *Spacious elongated shop galleries, bridged with innovative metal-and-glass vaults, notably the Upper Trade Rows on Red Square (1889–94), Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin Museum) (1898–1912) and Petrovka Passage (1903–06). References thumb 190px Hyperboloid structure Hyperboloid (File:Adziogol hyperboloid Lighthouse by Vladimir Shukhov 1911.jpg) Adziogol Lighthouse by V.G.Shukhov near Kherson, Ukraine, 1911 File:Soviet Union-1963-stamp-Vladimir


&data mem_shukhov publisher Melnikov Institute title Memorial accessdate 6 July 2006 Shukhov also left a lasting legacy to the Constructivist (Constructivism (art)) architecture of early Soviet Russia. He designed spacious elongated shop galleries, most notably the GUM (GUM (department store)) department store on Red Square, bridged with innovative metal-and-glass vaults. File:Sk328.jpg thumb upright left Triumphal Arch of Moscow


;ESC2" '''Cherepanov, Yefim Alekseyevich''' (1774–1842) and '''Miron Yefimovich''' (1803–1849), Russian inventors and industrial engineers (Industrial engineering ), father and son. They were serfs of the Demidovs – a famous family of factory owners. In 1810s, Yefim built a progressive machine-building plant, equipped with a full range of innovative metal-cutting lathe (Lathe (metal))s (such as screw-cutters, gear-cutting serrating machines and others). From 1822

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