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Bosnia and Herzegovina

remains largely unknown to the public, but he was Croatian ambassador to Germany Ustaše i Nezavisna Država Hrvatska 1941-1945 by Fikreta Jelić-Butić; Liber, 1977. p. 28 during World War II and knew Hitler personally, which benefited Croatian-German relations. Thanks to Benzon's friendship with Evita Perón, Pavelić became the owner of an influential building company. Not long after arriving he joined the organization ''Hrvatski domobran'' ("Croatian Home Guard"). He tried to expand the activities of this organization and in 1950 Pavelić founded the Croatian Statehood Party. The party did not last long and in 1956 most ''Ustaše'' immigrants founded the Croatian Liberation Movement. This organization led all Croatian political statehood and combat organizations outside of the homeland which shared the same goal. All political immigrants agreed to the new organization on this on June 8, 1956. At the end of 1940s, many ''Ustaše'' split from Pavelić because they believed that Croats, now under new circumstances, needed new political direction. Many others who split from Pavelić continued to call themselves ''Ustaše'' and sought revival of the Independent State of Croatia. The most well known of these separatists was former ''Ustaše'' officer, Vjekoslav Luburić who lived in Spain. Pavelić declared his desire for the restoration of a Croatian state within what is now the Republic of Croatia (Croatia), Bosnia and Herzegovina along with Srem and Bay of Kotor. In 1954 Pavelić met with former Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Stojadinović and together they made new a plan for the demarkation of Croatia and Serbia. It is not known on what they agreed, but a map shown in some Argentinian newspapers at the time showed the border as the Drina river. Pavelić often reported to Croats in exile and sent various propaganda messages. The Communist government in Yugoslavia demanded extradition of Pavelić from Argentina a few times, requests that, for various reasons, were always denied.



to be one of Japan's most powerful and influential building tycoons. He joined his father, Taikichiro (Taikichiro Mori)'s, real estate business after graduating from Tokyo University (University of Tokyo) and was president

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