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(today's entrance of Jewish Museum Berlin) as well as government and Nazi Party buildings were also hit, including the Reich Chancellery, the Party Chancellery, the Gestapo headquarters, and the People's Court (People's Court (German)). The Unter den Linden, Wilhelmstrasse and Friedrichstrasse areas were turned into seas of ruins. Among the dead was Roland Freisler, the infamous head justice of the Volksgerichtshof People's Court


was a US club hit, including number one on the US dance charts, but it failed to generate significant radio play, partially due to a reactionary attitude toward the song's seemingly casual attitude toward sex at a time when AIDS awareness was stongly engrained in the public consciousness. The '''River Rother''' is a river in the northern

United States

& Albums" and was a worldwide hit (hit record), including reaching #1 (chart-topper) in Canada (RPM number-one hits of 1965) and the American Top 10. Their next two singles "Here It Comes Again (Here It Comes Again (The Fortunes song))" and "This Golden Ring" sold well, but each less than the previous release. Glen Dale left the band in the summer of 1966 seeking a solo (solo (music)) career, and was replaced by the Scottish (Scottish people) guitarist

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