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hit causing


France on June 20, 1943 to work as wireless operator for the "Archdeacon" network in the Ardennes area. They were met by agent Yvonne Rudellat, but were stopped by the Gestapo who had been tipped by an informer. Some believe that the Germans recognized him as an agent by virtue of his rather poor French accent. Although they tried to get away, shots were fired and Rudellat was hit causing the car to crash. They were taken to Fresnes prison where they were interrogated


take-off. The number one engine was hit causing the fuel tank to get punctured. Smoke entered the cabin so all six crew members parachuted out; the captain jumped out too close to the ground to open his parachute, he died upon impacting the ground. 21 December 1987, Soviet Air Force crash information *'''Afghan Urial''' or '''Turkmenian sheep''' ('' Ustuyrt Mountain Sheep Ovis orientalis cycloceros

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