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not occupied (Turkish invasion of Cyprus) by Turkish (Turkey) forces in 1974. Ayia Napa is about from Protaras (Paralimni#Protaras), a town that has recently seen similar development, but still manages to remain low-key and remains more favourable for families and Cypriot locals. * Cleanup needed (updated by bot) ** 158 - 20th century, Aguamania, Aisle, André Jacob Roubo, ArchiLab, Architectural history, Architectural style, Architecture


* List of people from Lahore * List of streets in Lahore * List of tallest buildings in Lahore * List of urban areas by population References WikiPedia:Lahore


Sri Lanka winning the second World Twenty20 comprehensively by 8 wickets. Commons:Category:Pakistan WikiPedia:Pakistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan

United States

the first professional sports league (professional sports league organization); through 1875 it governed professional baseball and practically set playing rules for all. Because the amateur successor never attracted many members and it convened only a few times, the NABBP is sometimes called "the amateur Association" in contrast to its professional successor. Based in the United States, the Society’s 3,500 members include architectural history architectural historians

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