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they had been grown for centuries. Also, two periods of most frequent typhoon strikes in Guangdong coincide with two of the coldest and driest periods in northern and central China (AD 1660-1680, 1850–1880).


Historical Documentary Records journal Annals of the Association of American Geographers volume 91 issue 3 pages 453–464 doi 10.1111 0004-5608.00253 In North America, the early European settlers reported exceptionally severe winters. For example, in 1607-1608, ice persisted on Lake Superior until June. The journal of Pierre de Troyes, Chevalier de Troyes, who led an expedition to James Bay in 1686, recorded that James Bay

Birmingham, Alabama

) National Historic Landmark Nomination: Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, National Park Service '''''4 Little Girls''''' is a 1997 American (Cinema of the United States) historical documentary film about the 1963 murder of four African-American girls during the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. It was directed by Spike Lee and nominated for an Academy Awards Academy

Republic of Ireland

Formula Three Championship . Jap-Fest, Ireland's only Japanese car show, is held at Mondello Park annually in September since 2007. A small museum containing a number of rally and track cars from the past 30 or so years is also on-site. '''''Reeling in the Years''''' is a historical (History) documentary series (Documentary film) broadcast in Ireland (Republic of Ireland) by RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann). Each episode, approximately 25 minutes long, looks back at the news

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