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Colonia del Sacramento

of the late Bourbon Reforms, its creation was both motivated on commercial grounds (Buenos Aires was by then a major spot for illegal trade (contraband)), as well as on security concerns brought about by the growing interest some foreign powers had over the area, namely Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain) and the Kingdom of Portugal. In 1680, Portuguese (Portugal) governor of Rio de Janeiro Manuel Lobo created the '''Department of Colonia''' and founded Colonia

Midwest City, Oklahoma

year 2007 url http: test1 dmdocuments 2007_July_Oklahoma_Census_Data_Center_News_1907072217.pdf format PDF accessdate 2007-07-31 Though Oklahoma City currently has no light rail or commuter rail service, there is growing interest in incorporating light rail and commuter rail into the city's future transportation planning. In December 2009, voters in Oklahoma City passed the $777 million MAPS 3 (Metropolitan Area Projects Plan 3) initiative, which

Salmon Arm

and many seasonal recreational businesses. The proximity of the Shuswap Lake has also resulted in a growing interest in rowing and paddling sports, Shuswap Association for Rowing and Paddling website particularly dragon boat racing. The Salmon Arm Silverbacks hockey team, in the BCHL (British Columbia Hockey League), plays at Shaw Centre (formerly the Sunwave Centre). The publicly owned twin ice rink facility is named


that occurred, along with growing interest and public consummation. Everything was founded by large tax raises. The entire 1970s was an expansive period. Besides the new industrial complex the Frösö bridge was constructed, a new police house, ''Z-kupolen'' (burned to the ground in 1989), ''Storsjöteatern'', Folkets hus, urban district churches, malls etc. The County Administration board and the hospital expanded and large housing estates were constructed in Körfältet, Lugnvik


in the 1940s Category:Subdivisions of the Solomon Islands Relations between the Solomon Islands and Cuba have only a short history. The two countries moved to establish relations from the 2000s, and particularly from 2007, within the context of Cuba's growing interest in the Pacific Islands region. Like other countries in Oceania, Solomon Islands is a beneficiary of Cuban medical aid; bilateral relations between Havana and Honiara must be viewed within the scope of Cuba's regional policy in Oceania (Cuban-Pacific relations). Even Malaysia and Singapore is only slightly farther away at

Mill Valley, California

Category:Populated places established in 1900 The Beats Back in San Francisco, Snyder lived with Whalen, who shared his growing interest in Zen (Zen Buddhism). Snyder's reading of the writings of D.T. Suzuki had in fact been a factor in his decision not to continue as a graduate-student in anthropology, and in 1953 he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley to study Asian culture and languages. He studied ink and wash painting under Chiura Obata and Tang Dynasty


the 1980s, in the city of Medellín there has been a growing interest among young people in "reviving" this old but beautiful music and its dance. There are dozens of schools in the city that specialize in Porro, (as well as Mambo (Mambo (dance)), Pasodoble, Tango (Tango (dance)) and Cha-Cha-Cha (Cha-cha-cha (dance))) where both young and middle-aged people learn to perform complex turns to Lucho Bermúdez's and Pacho Galan's numbers. Ibero American Championships Medellín


27 February 2013 newspaper Xinhua date 20 November 2012 The Djiboutian franc is the currency of Djibouti. It is issued by the Central Bank of Djibouti, the country's monetary authority. Since the Djiboutian franc is pegged to the U.S. dollar, it is generally stable and inflation is not a problem. This has contributed to the growing interest in investment in the country.


; More recently, there has been growing interest in Organic and 'Natural' food (i.e. hormones and chemical free food). This is due to the growing global and local concerns regarding the use of hormones, chemicals, and GMO seeds in industrial agriculture. One


''Soho'' and ''Horde'' the following year. ''Tzarad'', which he began editing on his own in 1965, ran for two more issues (1966, 1969) and signalled his growing interest in and involvement with the New York School of poets. See the 1972 interview with Eric Mottram in ''Poetry Information'' #14 (London, autumn winter 1975-6), pp.4-18 It was during this time that he began to engage with French poetry and started on his translations of Tristan Tzara. Birmingham's booming economy attracted immigrants from a wide area, many of whom retained freehold (Freehold (English law))s – and thus votes – in their previous constituencies, giving Birmingham politics a wide electoral influence despite the town having no parliamentary representation of its own.

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