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Duchy of Mantua

and the territory of Saluzzo, previously ceded to France, in 1601 with the Treaty of Lyon (Treaty of Lyon (1601)). Unfortunately, the wars of Charles Emmanuel ended mostly in defeats, but he is however often remembered as "the Great", as he was a versatile and cultured man, poet and skillful reformer. He was able to manage the Duchy at a time of severe crisis with the European powers, finding support at the court of the Habsburgs. The policy of Charles Emmanuel was in fact more


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Nin, Croatia

buildings of one room. Similar stone houses are saved in Croatian tradition in all Dalmatia and Kvarner, mostly of rounded form, called ''bunja''. Under his rule the Croatian realm (Kingdom of Croatia (medieval)) reached its peak territorially, earning him the sobriquet "the Great," otherwise unique in Croatian history. ''Ante Oršanić'', "Hrvatski orač", 1939. He kept his seat at Nin (Nin, Croatia) and Biograd na Moru, ref name "


in the Kvarner region of the country of Croatia, located between Rijeka and Crikvenica, approximately thirty kilometers from Opatija and near the entrance to the bridge to the island of Krk. Its population is 2,897 and a total of 4,579 in the municipality (2001), and it is administratively governed under the Rijeka civil authority. The "Great" Park is an urban park in the centre of Palić city. It was opened in 1840 and today has a total area of


Peter I Island

Norwegian administration of the island is handled by the Polar Affairs Department of the Ministry of Justice and the Police (Norway) Ministry of Justice and the Police

Saint-Jérôme, Quebec

. The Catholic parish of Saint-Jérôme was constituted on November 15, 1834 and the village itself was constituted on July 1, 1845 by governor Metcalfe. Auclair, Elie-J., Saint-Jérôme de Terrebonne, Imprimerie J.H.A. Labelle, 1934, pages 13-35. François-Xavier-Antoine Labelle, a Roman Catholic priest who was the great "colonizer" (promoter of settlement) of the North of Montreal, was in charge of the pastoral administration of Saint-Jérôme of 1868 until his death, in 1891. Eight years after his arrival, he had a railroad built linking Saint-Jérôme and Montreal. Antoine Labelle was the parish priest of Saint-Jérôme for 22 years, from 1868 until his death, at 57 years of age, on January 4, 1891. He was called "the king of North, the apostle of colonization". The opening of roads and the arrival of a railroad became essential with the development of the small communities in the Laurentians. These transportation routes for the movement of goods and people would ensure the establishment of trade and industry. Labelle promoted the idea of a railroad towards the North beginning in 1869. The railway reached Saint-Jérôme in 1876, partly because a railway was seen as a way to meet the needs for firewood and construction materials for urban centres like Montreal and Quebec. In 2002 Saint-Jérôme amalgamated with the municipalities of Bellefeuille (2001 census population 14,066), Saint-Antoine (2001 population 11,488) and Lafontaine (2001 population 9,477). Saint-Jérôme is the seat of the judicial district (Judicial districts of Quebec) of Terrebonne. ''Territorial Division Act''. ''Revised Statutes of Quebec'' D-11. Transportation Road Saint-Jérôme is served by Québec '''Autoroute 15 (Quebec Autoroute 15)''', and Québec Route 117 (Quebec Route 117), which is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. In addition, Québec Routes 158 (Quebec Route 158) and 333 (Quebec Route 333) pass through the city. Public Transportation Train Saint-Jérôme is served by the Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme (AMT)) intermodal commuter rail station on the Agence métropolitaine de transport's Saint-Jérôme Line (Saint-Jérôme Line (AMT)). Commuter trains to Montreal began to serve the station in January 2007, with four trains in each direction each business day. La Presse, 28 novembre 2006 "Saint-Jérôme aura son train de banlieue" par Jean-Paul Charbonneau Since upgrades to the line were made in 2013, which included work to double the track between Sainte-Rose (Sainte-Rose (AMT)) station and Saint-Martin Junction and install Automatic Train Control (ATC) between Parc (Parc (AMT)) station and the end of the line in Saint-Jérôme, all trains now serve the station. There are currently 13 departures towards Montreal during the week, and six departures on the weekends and holidays. AMT Schedules Saint-Jérôme Bus The station is also served by bus routes operated by local transit agency, CIT Laurentides, and the neighbouring transit agency CRT Lanaudière as well as three private intercity bus companies. Trails Saint-Jérôme is an important stop on the north-south trunk of the "route verte" cycling path which makes it possible for nature lovers who are also pedaling enthusiasts to make short trips or excursions lasting several days from as far south as Blainville, Quebec on the outskirts of Montreal and as far north as Mont-Tremblant, Quebec without ever sharing the road with a motorized vehicle. North of Saint-Jérôme, the trail is known as the "P'tit Train du Nord" linear park (Parc Linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord) (rail trail) Government of Quebec – Parc Linéaire Le P'tit Train du Nord and is also used as a cross-country ski trail in winter. Industry thumb 200 px right Uniroyal plant, built 1911–1930 (File:UNIROYAL (scan d un 4x5 print).jpg) Uniroyal, Dominion Rubber *In 1911, first rubber industry in St-Jerome, shoes production *In 1926, the industry is renamed Dominion Rubber. *In the 1950s, 37,000 shoes where produced for all over the world. *In 1966, the company is renamed UNIROYAL LTD. *In 1968, the company changed its production for automobile parts, crashpad. *In 1981, the company was sold to many cities like Woodbridge and Waterville. *In 1994 the building was demolished. Health thumb left 200 px Saint-Jerome Hospital, Health Centre (Quebec (File:NKN-2005-10-02 101750 Saint-Jerome Hospital (Yvan Leduc author for Wikipedia).jpg), Canada) '''Melançon Arena''' is an indoor arena located in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec. It was once home to the Saint-Jérôme Alouettes of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Personal André's has two brothers, Marc and Kevin. Although born in Port Chester, New York, André was raised in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec and speaks fluent French (Canadian French). André played his minor league hockey in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League).

Tula Oblast

Oblast is for visitors the ''real Russia''. The regions major tourist attractions are decidedly "Russian": Tolstoy's estate at Yasnaya Polyana and the birthplace of modern Russia in the battlefields of Kulikovo. The capital, Tula, is also a great "Russian" stop for its beautiful samovars and kremlin, and avoids the tourist hordes that descend upon Moscow's Red Square. Talk Outside Tula (and even within Tula), very few people understand anything but Russian phrasebook


Quataertp107 Quataert, 2005, p. 107. In the late 19th century, some members of the Jarrar family, who formed part of the ''mallakin'' (elite land-owning families) in Jenin, cooperated with merchants in Haifa to set up an export enterprise there. Tawfiq Jarrar was accorded the unique title, "son of the great" (''salil al-akabir'') in Haifa

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