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?locIndex 18588 Fairview, NJ Ancestry & Family History. Retrieved on April 6, 2007. '''César Abraham Vallejo Mendoza''' (March 16, 1892 – April 15, 1938) was a Peruvian poet. Although he published only three books of poetry during his lifetime, he is considered one of the great poetic innovators of the 20th century in any language. Always a step ahead of literary currents, each of his books was distinct from the others, and, in its own sense, revolutionary. Thomas Merton called him "the greatest universal poet since Dante". The late British poet, critic and biographer Martin Seymour-Smith, a leading authority on world literature, called Vallejo "...the greatest twentieth-century poet in ''any'' language." thumb Moche ceramics depicting conjoined twins. AD 300 Larco Museum Larco Museum Collection (Image:Conjoinedtwinslarcomuseum.jpg) Lima, Peru. The Moche culture of ancient Peru depicted conjoined twins in their ceramics dating back to 300 CE. Berrin, Katherine & Larco Museum. ''The Spirit of Ancient Peru:Treasures from the Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera (Larco Museum).'' New York: Thames and Hudson, 1997. The earliest known documented case of conjoined twins dates from the year 942, when a pair of conjoined twin brothers from Armenia were brought to Constantinople for medical evaluation. *An eruption of Kuwae, a Pacific volcano, has been implicated in events surrounding the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. *An eruption of Huaynaputina, in Peru, caused 1601 to be the coldest year in the Northern Hemisphere for six centuries (see Russian famine of 1601–1603). *An eruption of Laki (Laki (volcano)), in Iceland, caused thousands of fatalities in Europe, 1783–84. In December 2010, Brazil recognized Palestine as a state with its 1967 borders. This move was later followed by Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. This action was later criticized by Israel and the United States, who labelled it "counterproductive". Commons:Category:Peru

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